August 29, 2017

On the table // #001

I don't need anything fancy. Just a bowl of rice and a couple of Korean side dishes will do. 

Lately our conversations around meal times have been mostly about the Game of Thrones. I mean can you blame us? 

Last night we were once again sharing all that we read about things that we may have missed while watching the season finale and theories galore. There are quite smart folks out there who pick up on a lot of subtle details.

What's been on your table recently and what kind of conversations have you had?


  1. My husband and I keep it simple for dinner most nights as well. Cooking up some rice in the rice cooker and serving it with a few dishes is a no fail for us too. I've also been into making no cook salad and grain bowls. There's always a lot of vegetables ;p We usually watch baseball during dinner in the summers.

  2. Jane it looks like so many fancy/exciting things are happening in each photo!! I love these photos :) On a side note thanks for the foodie recommendation app, has definitely upped my food photo taking ability because of it.

  3. The GoT conversation is one-way around our table, I don't watch it but Hollie loves to talk about it!


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