September 5, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, we packed up our little hatch back with lots of road trip snacks and Piri's old red convertible (doggy carrier) and headed off to Annapolis for a quick day trip. It was hot and humid  and probably hot the best day to venture out with Lady, but we had taken off for a few days to recharge before taking in dog guests again at Piri's Place and Yangkyu was getting ready to start grad school soon and so it was sort of our last chance to "get away" before we all got busy again. 

Originally we had planned on going to Vermont to visit Dog Mountain for Piri and Mr. Bartles and also for Lady, but we decided to go when it was much cooler so that it wouldn't be such a struggle in the heat.

Annapolis is Maryland's capital city and while it was beautiful with lots of things to see and eat, it wasn't the most dog friendly city and so we were struggling to figure out what to do while we were there. We did however get to spend time inside the U.S. Naval Academy (you can't walk along the ceremony roads with dogs and of course inside buildings, but the campus is beautiful to stroll) where Lady sported Piri's old sailor's hat the entire time (nod to Piri and of course Mr. B who also dressed up as a sailor for Halloween last year). Everyone couldn't get enough of her and she was quite the attraction! 

Afterwards, we were able to walk around Annapolis a bit and grabbed a quick bite at Pip's Dock Street Dogs (they have a couple of tables right outside their eatery where they allowed us to eat with Lady) and picked up a Naval academy shirt from a gift shop before heading back home. 

I don't have a ton of pictures (sun was too bright and I get extremely self conscious taking pictures, especially of food, etc., lately when there are crowds and crowds of people) but there are a few favorites from our trip. We hope to go back again when the weather is cooler. Summer has always been my favorite season but after having senior dogs and really trying to incorporate our outings with them, I find myself looking forward to fall more.


  1. awww sounds like a fun little recharge! We definitely need them every now and again :) :) I like your happy photos too!

  2. Aaaaawww....I can see why Lady was such an attraction:) Such cute pics, Jane.

  3. Great pics as always, Jane! Love the one of Yangkyu & Lady with the bike mural..... you guys might want to look into Fredericksburg, VA or Frederick, MD for a day trip! I was only in Fredericksburg once and remember it to be pretty dog friendly... and my sis-law lives in Frederick and the little downtown area is super charming and also pretty dog friendly! Oh, and the OBX beaches are also dog friendly ;) Shops are hit and miss but the weather is cooling down for pups and the tourists rush is dying down....


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