September 6, 2017

Backyard BBQ

We have a tiny everything -- a tiny car, a tiny house and a tiny backyard. And while there are days when we wish for a little bit more wiggle room and storage space, we are happy with what we have. Mainly because of what is inside, meaning each other and the good friends who come to visit us once in a while. 

This past weekend, Yangkyu's college friends drove down from New York and spent a few nights. While the original plan was for them to enjoy the bike trails in the DC area and go sightsee, they ended up spending more time with us, in the home since I couldn't go out because I had to care for guest dogs. And so we spent time playing board games, video games, talking about anything and everything until the wee house of the night and doing a little cook out in our tiny backyard, too. That night, we started a little fire in the fire pit and continued talking. It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I had in a long time. 

So here is to good company and tiny spaces that make things a little extra special.


  1. Tiny house but lots of love :)

  2. ^^^ Totally agree with what Rooth said! Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!

  3. Memories always win out over excess possessions! :) looks like a super delightful time!

  4. What's inside is more important :) I'm sure you all had tons of fun at home too


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