September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites // Doggie Treats

Happy Friday. 

With the small changes in weather and my sleeping schedule currently our of sync, I find myself cruising through the day in a slight funk - sometimes busy and productive and sometimes moving around like a zombie and being lazy as hell despite knowing that I have a zillion things to do but not having the energy to do them. I am hoping that I'll come out of this one soon.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

I'll be hanging out with a pair of adorable cockapoo siblings, Spootie and Clover, and of course with Lady as well, doing the things they love, including eating treats. 

Lady eats so well that I have to catch myself from not giving her too many treats. With Piri, I was more on the strict side and only gave him two treats during the day along with fruits and vegetables. With Bartles that changed a little but he was also sick and so I didn't want to give him too many that may overwork his kidneys and liver. Lady currently doesn't have any serious medical issues and is completely healthy and she loves food. Every time I look at her face she has this look like, "treat time?" And I almost fall for it at every single look. But even while she's healthy, we want to keep her that way and so we're going easy on the treats (but special treat times are ok - we had one last night at midnight when we all stayed past our bedtime!)

So in honor of Lady and our guest dogs' favorite time of the day - treat time! - we'll end the week with Lady's favorites.

Have a good one!

 // Primal Beef Nibs
 // Primal Venison Lung Snaps
 // The Honest Kitchen Wishful Filets
 // The Honest Kitchen Nice Mussels
 // Zuke's Z-Filets Grilled Chicken Recipe


  1. Have a good weekend, Jane. and look at those two eyes!!

  2. It is already Sunday bur have a wonderful sunday. Ohhh it is soooo sweet.

  3. Gosh! How can you resist that face?:D Teehee....
    Happy Monday, Jane! Here's to a great week ahead:)

  4. That sweet girl, and who doesn't love treats?!


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