November 15, 2017

Currently Knitting: Cowels

Me: What do you want for Christmas? 
Yangkyu: Hmmm.. a cowel. 
Me: Oh. I'll knit you one. 
Yangkyu: I want two. 
Me: I'll knit you two!
Yangkyu: Three. 
Me: I'll knit you three..!
Yangkyu: Five.
Me: Do you not want me to knit you a cowel? 

It's that time of year when we ask each other what we want for Christmas. I get to make a longer list of things because my birthday and Christmas fall just days from each other. Sometimes I add a big whammy and try to convince Yangkyu to get me that as a birthday/Christmas gift. A two for one kinda of deal. In the years past he got me my first DSLR and my first iMac. Such wonderful  wonderful surprises (I still remember the feeling and his face expressions when I opened them).

I still have that DSLR (Canon Rebel xsi) and that iMac I am still using today. While I would love to upgrade to a bigger iMac I don't think I will ever give away my first DSLR. I don't shoot with it at all now but there is just something about that first camera that I can't seem to part with.

I've begun knitting for the winter months. We like wearing cowels around here and so I've been knitting and crocheting those. I always download patterns because I want to try adding different colored yarns, patterns and cables but I always start the first couple using simple stitches. I don't even go off of a pattern. Just eyeball it. Maybe that's why Yangkyu would rather buy a cowel instead of me making one for him. Ha. They don't always turn out so pretty, or practical. 

This first cowel for the season I knitted with yarn I picked up at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. It was my first time going and I picked up a couple of skeins of yarn (white Shetland with 15% fawn angora) from the wonderful ladies at the Rosefield. They included with my purchase a small bottle of Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash and told me to try it when I block my work. I have never blocked any of my knits before and so it was a first for me. 

It's a slow evening for us. We had a couple of daycare dog guests come the past couple of days but starting tomorrow we will have several overnight guests come for the next week and a half through Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has never really been a major holiday for us to celebrate and it doesn't excite me as much Christmas, but this particular year it's especially so. I don't look forward to our traditions (watching the Sound of Music and breaking out our 1000 puzzle piece) and our attempt at doing a vegan Thanksgiving doesn't seem so exciting anymore. Ah, maybe it's just one of those many funks I am go through -- always ebbs and flows.


  1. I think in our household, Thanksgiving is also the least celebrated one. We always just go to my mum's house, but even that can be a pain sometimes...sigh...
    Anyhoo, I think it's so cool that you're knitting stuff for Yangkyu but I may be biased:D That yarn in the pics looks scrumptious!

  2. So fun to be back making and yes, to life with it's many ebbs and flows, I think the more accepting I am of that fact the easier the downs are to navigate through or I just need to remind myself, the up is around the corner :)


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