November 9, 2017

Lately at Piri's Place

I'm still a little behind in putting pictures up from Piri's Place. But I'm kind of glad. I get to look back on Bartles when he was still with us.

I miss him and our little ritual. I miss his lazy sleeps and peaceful rests and how friends would nap next to him. Such precious friendships. I wonder if they miss him as much as I do. 

These are from May. In just two months, we would say our see you laters with Mr. B who would cross the rainbow bridge so suddenly and unexpectedly.

We miss you, Mr. Bartles {nose boop}.


  1. Just so much cuteness and love in these pics. Thank you for sharing as always, Jane. :)Something nice and uplifting to see. I know it's not easy to look back at these memories, but these shots really do show how much love you give to all who stay at Piri's Place:)

  2. As always, your photos are magical. Bartles was so lucky to have you as his human <3 All the dogs you look after are lucky.

  3. I was just thinking these photos remind me of the perfect lazy Sunday, so nice to have these photos of bartles and be able to be transported back for a moment :) :)

  4. So many cute faces at Piri's Place!
    Happy to see Mr B's sweet face too!

  5. ooh these photos <3 <3 so cute! such treasures.


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