November 5, 2017

Lucketts Holiday Open House and Market

On Saturday, the three of us got in our little hatchback and made an hour drive trip over to the town of Lucketts for the Old Lucketts Holiday Open House and Market. I have been looking forward to this for weeks but was a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to make it. 

Lately we've been having a bit of a schedule change around here, mainly with Yangkyu switching jobs and without the option of remote work it's been early mornings out and late nights coming home, especially on days he has night class. October also was a busy month for me at Piri's Place, having up to 8 dogs at one point. While my schedule got slower once the last of our October guests left, Yangkyu's schedule was still up in the air. Thankfully just a couple of days before the open house and market, Yangkyu's schedule cleared, allowing for a nice day out just the three of us. Something we haven't done in a very long time. 

The last time we came to Lucketts was in February of last year. We came with Piri and perhaps it's because we're currently in the season where he left us and the holidays are coming up, but I've been missing that boy a bit more, which always leads me to miss Bartles just the same. It was a blessing to have them in my life but it's still so very hard sometimes to cope with them no longer being a part of our daily ins and outs. 

I normally always leaving Old Lucketts Store with something but this time around I left empty handed. While I am so very much looking forward to Christmas (already started listening to Christmas music), I don't think I am quite ready to wrap my head around decorations yet. We're definitely looking to switch things up this year and get new decorations but I'm not quite sure what yet. And the open house and market was packed with people that it was hard to take my time and look around. It certainly did give me a lot of ideas though. 

But I do have to admit, I have wreath fever now and want to put one up almost everywhere. A nice big one above our mantle would be pretty. A light up one sounds even nicer. 

We'll definitely do a real tree again this year (last year we opted out because it was hard to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit with Piri gone, and we were going away on a trip to Germany, but Bartles was joining our family and so in an attempt to do something we ended up getting a fake tree, which I regretted afterwards), but a white Christmas tree sounds pretty tempting. 

I have been slowly looking through Pinterest to see if perhaps I can make some of our decorations this year and also making our annual ornament as well for the five of us. An entirely handmade Christmas would be nice -- but maybe another year. I am thinking about making an Advent Calendar for Lady and have little treats hidden inside every day. She goes nuts for treats and so I think it's something she will definitely like. 

Please tell me I'm not the only dog person who thinks of stuff like this. 

Yangkyu and I are still getting used to taking Lady with us to places. She normally does wonderfully on a leash but when she is in a new place with exciting smells everywhere she likes to tug at the leash and go her own way. She also stands her ground and we feel so bad tugging on her leash.

She also has a habit of walking nicely a leash and then pooping almost out of nowhere - no signs  or warnings beforehand (like going around in circles or taking the time to find the right spot, or going on grass, etc.). It catches off guard especially when we're on the sidewalk, or on gravel in this case. 

Lady also doesn't like dogs who get all in her face. She wags her tail and the initial introduction is good but when the dog sniffs too much or gets too close to her face Lady will snap and growl. She doesn't bite - just sends a warning to back off. It's normal behavior but for us we're not used to it and we're also always afraid of how people may react (some people understand, others just judge and I can't deal with people like that - I let them ruin my day). 

Aside from a couple of "I poop anywhere" incidents (lol), Lady did fantastic. We kept away from other dogs (and frankly no one really came up to us to have our dogs mingle) and after a while, Lady kept right at our side and walked beautifully while enjoying sights and smells. She is such a good girl. 

We ended our day around 3 and stopped by Petco to pick up a treat for Lady (as if she needs another bag) and then to The Home Depot to pick up some cleaning products (we're getting ready to say hello to our November guests and stocking up on cleaning supplies) and then at home we gave Lady a nice bath and spent the night catching up on Stranger Things. We just got done with episode 5. 

It's back to busy schedules for us starting Monday - more Yangkyu than me. Our refrigerator is packed with food to cook. Lots of fall comfort meals are on the menu. 

We have a modest number of guests coming in November, but along with this weekend, I'm taking Veterans Day off as well and so our availability is a bit limited. 

I've finally begun knitting Yangkyu's cowel (I've already messed up - yay!) and we're thinking of maybe doing a vegan Thanksgiving this year. We're currently researching recipes.

Any suggestions? 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. So lovely Jane and yay for everything aligning so the trip could happen :) My recommendations for thanksgiving is to get a vegan roast/turkey alternative. We don't have thanksgiving in Australia but I know when it's time to think about Christmas food, sometimes I overthink it and end up in the kitchen for too long. You can still make lots of yummy sides but sometimes having the main item already made that you just have to heat up, can make things nice and easy :)

  2. Ok, so I just googled this place and it's only 30 mins from my sis-in-laws house! That means I'm definitely making a detour the next time we visit! haha and I have no clue what I'm making for Thanksgiving! Guess I should be checking pinterest too. It's so hard for only two.... and bosco of course! ;)

  3. I can't believe Christmas is coming up again. This year went by too quickly. And I know I have to start Christmas shopping early but I don't feel the holiday spirit yet.

    We had Canadian Thanksgiving back in October and my sister's made salads, basmati rice, lot of veggies..other than that I'm not sure what else is vegan. Hope you can posts what you cook after your Thanksgiving.

  4. The Lucketts market looks like such a great place to browse and walk around in. Thanks for sharing these pics, Jane:) And yeah...I should really start thinking of Christmas decorating too, but am just feeling so lazy lately....sigh....
    PS Although I have no ideas, I think a vegan Thanksgiving meal sounds great!

  5. What an adorable market. Aww Lady is just an independent woman who likes her personal space


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