December 27, 2017

2017 Year End Giving

Every year, Yangkyu and I try to give to at least 10 causes near and dear to our hearts. Our tradition began with our wedding 8 years ago when we donated to The National Arbor Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund in lieu of wedding favors. 

Throughout the year we answer to calls for emergency funding or general operating funds. Our areas of interest mainly is animal rescue (rehabilitation but also advocacy to change laws on the local, state and federal levels) but we also support efforts that fight for fair food, immigrant rights, LBGQT rights and the empowerment of young girls of color. And while we have donated to national organizations, we have a special spot for community based, grassroots efforts and organizations that may not get the national spotlight to generate much needed funds to do work that is often times mostly volunteer driven.

And because we love year end fundraising efforts where organizations reflect on the work they have accomplished and renew their dedication for the upcoming year, we save our donation list until the end of the year in hopes that it may encourage a few of our friends and family to donate before the year is out. 

It is still not too late to give to a cause that is important to you. And no amount is too little or too much. I often times hear people who think their $5 won't do much. Believe me. Every dollar counts. 

Yangkyu and I both have been involved with grassroots fundraising efforts in the past (we met 16 years ago at a nonprofit where I worked and where he volunteered!) -- we have solicited our friends during seasonal fundraising drives, have hit the streets and supermarkets and asked for a dollar per person -- and it's hard work (rude rejections are tough) but it's fulfilling (because there is always more nice than rude at the end of the day). And every dollar counts.

Here is our 2017 list: 

03 // OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue (calendar contest)
06 // Amazon Wish List for Hurricane Harvey relief via Merritt Law Firm, LLC
07 // Amazon Wish List for Hurricane Harvey relief for animals via Best Friends Society
08 // DACA renewal fees 
09 // Gwen's ultra sound and x-rays (personal appeal)
10 // Hurricane Maria relief for animals via Kriser's Natural Pet
11 // Animal Lighthouse Rescue (Hurricane Maria relief)
12 // WETA (public television)
14 // OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue (holiday drive)

Aside from our personal donations, we normally save all the tips that come in through Piri's Place and donate half of it at the end of the year. This year we tapped into that money early to donate to hurricane animal relief efforts in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico (reflected above in our overall list). 

We also donated some goods (things Bartles never got to use) to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and as we do every Thanksgiving, participate in our neighborhood food drive conducted by a local Boy Scouts troop.

Our previous giving lists:


  1. You and Yangkyu started such a great tradition, Jane:) I mostly donate to cancer charities and our local Sick Kids Hospital who takes care of my eldest's health issues. I think it's always important to give back to the community.
    Anyhoo, hope you had a lovely Christmas and here's to a great New Year ahead:)

  2. Best tradition ever! I've heard on the minimalist podcast, the site, givewell, be recommended a few times now. I think the gist is that they curate the top-listed charities, although I'm unsure whether or not you can search for areas you are specifically interested in, which would be helpful.


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