December 22, 2017

Vegan Birthday Cupcakes, food journey update and the holidays

It was my birthday two days ago and in the midst of taking care of all things post car accident, we stopped by a cupcake store near our old stomping grounds in Fairfax and picked up some vegan cupcakes. Originally, I thought I'd make vegan donuts and we'd give those a try for my birthday. While that idea didn't pan out I still want to try it at a later time. 

We didn't do a lot of birthday "things" -- we started our day off early going to Enterprise to rent a car, then to the chiropractor's office to make sure Yangkyu was ok (he also plans on seeing someone who specializes accidents), then grabbing a bite to eat, picking up Lady's food at Kriser's, then these cupcakes and then heading over to the collision center to pick up our personal items from our car. Then it was back home where we napped, then had these delicious cupcakes, skipped dinner and then caught a night showing of Star Wars in 3D. We had bought these tickets a while back and had the most rockin' seats in the theatre. I already knew what my birthday/Christmas present was but Yangkyu wrapped it anyway and so I'll open it on Christmas morning along with everyone else. 

Yangkyu felt so bad that my birthday was spent taking care of things but Yangkyu is really the one person who I never tire of being with. And so getting to spend the entire day with him was a present in itself. 

As for my food journey, I thought I'd do a little recap since the last time I checked in (which was on December 8th).

Still meatless. Yay. I am 100% sure I didn't consume meat or meat-based broths. Dairy though I have consumed - some consciously others not. 

There is a time of the month, once a month, where I crave really bad junk food. It's always been Burger King. I have it for about two nights and then I'm done. This month oddly I didn't have the overpowering cravings like I normally have but did have it slightly and so I settled on pizza. It wasn't that I craved cheese. I don't crave cheese at all but it was just a choice of junk of out there that was meatless. Hopefully next month I can be better about it. 

I also realized two days ago that I ordered a chai latte and didn't specify that I wanted it with almond milk (I corrected that last night when I ordered a mocha frappe with almond milk). I also picked up something at the Korean grocery market - pan fried fish filets. I still eat fish (I can't seem to find alternatives to fish so for now I am consuming them - fish oil is a big part of a lot of Korean dishes I make and so I'm going to figure out how to get around this one). Anyway, I picked up those fish filets because, well, it isn't meat. I was half way through eating them when I realized that it's actually dipped in eggs before being pan fried. It was just such a secondary thing that it completely slipped my mind. I mean the egg covering is there. It's so visible. But I think I am still getting used to being more conscious about what goes in to what. I'm not beating myself over these mistakes. I'm sure I'll get it right as time goes on. 

In the meantime, I have found that meatless food from the brand Gardein is awfully good. With meatless food that tastes this good, it's hard to go back to actual meat. I have also found the bibimbap patties from Dr. Praeger's is amazing as well. 

When I first committed to doing this, I said I wouldn't really read labels to make sure certain things didn't have dairy products in them. I was just going to make those visible changes first, like switching out my milk, cheese, etc. But I am finding myself reading labels more and more. One time I found that heavy whipping cream has an ingredient that I don't even feed my dog. Wow. (It's carrageenan if you were wondering). 

Yangkyu still consumes meat but when he is with me he eats what I make. When we go out to eat, he gets what he wants and I get something that isn't meat, and non-dairy based or if the restaurant has a vegan/vegetarian menu, I'll get something from there. It's been good although going out to eat or going out on a whim still feels daunting with the feeling that I am very limited with my choices. Still, I don't feel groggy, I don't feel tortured, I don't feel like I'm missing out. It's actually have been a pleasant experience, especially because I finding new ways to cook and new foods to prepare has been an enjoyable one. So yays all around so far. 

It's almost Christmas! I can't believe it. I have been waiting since Halloween. 

Happy weekend and Happy Holidays from me, Yangkyu and Lady. 


  1. So sorry to hear about the accident, Jane:( I hope no one was badly hurt.
    On a lighter note, it sounds like you're doing well with going meatless. That certainly takes dedication:)
    Anyhoo, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  2. So glad Yanqkyu is ok! And all the things dealing with it go smoothly!
    And high five to you for sticking with this new food journey! I've been a bottomless pit and have been eating SO bad lately! :/
    Hope you had a happy birthday and wishing you all a very merry christmas!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and oh my gosh, you are doing so well on your food journey - super proud of you Jane :) :) Definitely don't beat yourself up either, just think of all the animals you have saved already!


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