January 23, 2018

Around here (3 Things)

1. More pictures are being taken with the Fujifilm x100T. I got this as a birthday/Christmas present few years ago when it first came out (before this version, there was the x100S, but now there is another upgraded version, the x100F). I had wanted this camera so much but when I actually got it, I couldn't get used to it. What was supposed to be my everyday camera, the camera to take out to outings when I didn't want to lug around the heavier and bulkier DSLR ended up sitting on the shelf patiently waiting for some game time. Well, it's finally getting some. And I decided to make use of the WiFi feature which makes importing photos to my phone easier (although sometimes I like to edit on my computer - I'm kinda old school that way). I was actually hinting to Yangkyu that I wanted another (another?!) camera - the Fuji X-A3 to use more on the fly but I'm kinda glad I didn't nag him to the ends of the earth. Right now the x100T fulfills a lot of roles that my Canon 7D can't. 

2. I'm decluttering. I usually wait until spring and then again at the end of fall to declutter but I'm itching to get back to more of that minimalist lifestyle we once had. I've gone through our closets, our spare closet that acts mostly as a storage and today I'll be going through our kitchen, laundry space and our downstairs coat closet, which also doubles as a very impractical storage space (while we love our home, the layout is pretty funky and there is a lot of wasted space with odd placements of doors and cabinets). I also have a list of things I'd like to replace in the kitchen in terms of plates, pots, kettles and utensils (ok - this has actually been on our list for more years than I'd like to admit - because the set we got for our wedding ended up being too heavy and so they just tip over if you stick your spoon inside a bowl - doh!). But I am also on a kind of a spending freeze (only buying things we absolutely need and also Lady gets a pass because well she's Lady and she's 14 and at that age you can do whatever the heck you want). And so I'll be keeping those things on our "list of things to get" for a while and will pick it up later on when and if I think I still need/want it.

3. We're taking advantage of the one month free trial on Hulu because I found out that Ranma 1/2 (!!) is available to stream. That was the series that introduced me to anime when I was a sophomore? or junior? in high school. I think it is probably the only series I can watch with an English language dubbing (the cast did a pretty good job!). It was so hard to get a hold of anime back in the day. It was always going to Tower Records and dropping $30 per video tape that only had two episodes and waiting a gazillion years for the new episodes to be imported to the US. Anyway, it's a little cheesy watching it now but it still makes me laugh. I remember doing my high school senior English class paper on Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Ranma 1/2, but I can't recall exactly what my paper was about.. I think something along the lines of recurring themes in her work and her role in the industry as a female manga artist. 

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. You take such great photos, Jane. I've been itching for a new camera for awhile now, but my old CanonS95 just won't quit on me no matter how much I abuse it, so I'll probably be using til the end of days:D And I'll check out if Ranma is on Netflix or Amazon...sometimes, the older animes are much better:)

  2. Love your photos! Do you have an instax? I love the instant lil pics and am thinking of getting one

  3. I'm definitely itching to declutter and clear and sort my space. I actually wrote down the phrase "would you buy this again?" to help me tackle some of the items I ponder too much over and have reasoning battles in my brain :P Awesome your camera is getting use again, lots of people really love those fuji cameras and there size is such a good factor too!

  4. I go through phases with my Canon Rebel... I always have intentions of using it more and then I never do! The dang iphone just makes it so easy to take photos and then I'm too lazy to use a real camera and fiddle with settings and lenses.....

    And we need so many new things... most of our stuff is from our wedding (almost 9 years!) and they are definitely looking very used... we're slowly going to start updating dishes, kitchen things, towels, etc. just wish the bank account had more $$$$ in it haha

  5. Gorgeous photos. I really love de-cluttering, have already begun as well, feels great to do it x


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