March 1, 2018

My favorite month of the year

Happy March!

It's my favorite month of the year.


Because all three of my cockers were born this month: 

Piri on March 19, 1999
Bartles on March 12, 2004
Lady on March 24, 2003

Actually, Bartles and Lady's birthdays aren't accurate. Their birth dates were unknown when they were rescued and so Bartles' birthday is the day he was rescued and Lady, well she had two birth dates listed on separate documents when we adopted her - July and March. Since the year on the July date was off we decided to go with the March date.

It'll be a month of celebrations for us.

We may also luck our incredibly this year if cherry blossom forecasts stay the same. It looks like peak bloom will fall on dates when Piri's Place is closed so we'll be able to trek out with Lady. 

In the past when we didn't book up so quickly, we were able to block off dates and once predictions were out we were able to officially close without it getting in the way of pending reservations. Now we get booked months ahead and cherry blossom forecasts don't really solidify until we hit March. We are already fully booked for this month and have reservations for April and so I was a little wary that we may not be able to go this year.

I ended up taking the entire week off at the end of the month in March since we'll be booked from the beginning of the month for about three straight weeks, and thankfully the predictions happened to fall on those off dates. Let's hope it stays that way and doesn't get delayed.

Lately, I've been loving that it's not quite dark out at 6 pm, that daylight savings is around the corner and my hands aren't as dry and cracked as it used to be during the cold cold winter months.

I thought February was going to be brutally cold but it wasn't so bad. Thank goodness! 


  1. March is looking up but I feel that way because it's also SPRING TIME!

  2. That's such a sweet reason for why this is your favorite month! I hope everything will work out according to your plans.

  3. Oh I have my toes and fingers crossed you get to see the cherry blossoms!!!

  4. Wonderful. Now if only March will realise winter is over here, haha. I hope it's a gorgeous month for you :) x

  5. Yes March! Hurrah for daylight savings and not-so-dry-hands anymore! It's so precious all your three precious doggies have birthdays in March! I hope hope hope you get to go see the cherry blossoms this month!


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