March 20, 2018

Waiting for spring

We had gorgeous weather yesterday. When I went to walk our guest dogs it was 60 degrees out. And believe it or not, today is a miserable 30 degrees, raining with snow in the forecast. This wonky weather has delayed peak cherry blossoms dates with the National Park Service predicting it to fall between March 27-31 and the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang saying it will likely be between March 30 - April 3. At this rate we will miss peak bloom again this year as our only free window falls this weekend. Alas, better luck next year for us!

I've spent the better part of our morning looking up for vegan recipes to try. I might be old fashioned this way but I can't seem to work off of recipes using my phone or iPad. I need something on a piece of paper. And because I am still consuming seafood, I have also looked through some Korean seafood recipes to try. We only really eat salmon, cod or mackerel around here and it gets boring when we cook it the same way over and over. I have some inspiration to mix things up and definitely looking forward to how they turn out.

Tonight is our last night with guest dogs and we're on break for 6 days. Originally we had meant to take off for longer but we decided to cut it short to accept a guest who frequents here. We've decided to open our doors a bit early just for her so a slow start back to the dog sitting.

Our current guests are eager to be let out for their afternoon bathroom break. Maybe a fetch session, too.

If it's as soggy and grey in your neck of the woods, stay dry. And warm!

 // Flower crown on Lady from the Barkshop. (Large)


  1. Lucky you to have a 60 degree day. It's still feeling like winter in NYC and doesn't feel like spring at all. We're even supposed to get more snow. Have fun with the recipe inspirations!

  2. It's been warmer over here a bit, but nothing to be excited about....sigh...And I'm the same, Jane. I have to print everything off when I try a recipe from online!
    Enjoy your break:)

  3. Oh bugger about the cherry blossoms coming later but fun to have warmer days on the horizon!! Enjoy your weekend off anyway :)


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