April 26, 2018

10 Things

There have been so many random things going on here lately and me running around without a task list - something I rely so heavily on to keep me on top of things. But being list-less had been working just fine but lately I've been feeling a little disorganized. And whenever I feel disorganized, making a list always helps. So what better way to list out all the random things and put it in its own category, eh?

1. Break
We're just about at the tail end of caring for our April guests at Piri's Place and I am so very much looking forward to a nice long break. My break in March ended up getting shortened to accommodate a guest and then I worked non-stop for the month of April. It does get a little taxing if I don't get breaks in-between and so it will be nice to take about a week off and go out, enjoy a few dates with Yangkyu and pick up things I meant to buy (you know those things you want to buy in-person and not online). Then it's back to another consecutive 4-week straight dog care in May.

2. Gardening
It's finally time! And I am so very excited to pick up gardening again this year. We decided on which fruits and vegetables to plant and also figured out what to do with a garden space we have out front. It's been bear for so long and we've been just maintaining it to keep the weeds out. Other neighbors have bushes or roses but I plan on getting in a bunch of peonies there. It won't bloom for another season but I can be patient! Yangkyu and I are heading out to the garden center this weekend and getting all that we need to prep our soil, start out seedlings, getting our lawn grass into shape and more. It'll be nice to enjoy some yard time when mosquitos aren't out full force. 

3. Library
So I started to read IQ84 a couple of months back but then got stuck. When that happens I stop reading altogether. I think it's maybe time to put it aside for a little bit, pick up a couple of lights novels to get myself back in the groove before starting that big adventure again. It'll be nice to get the feel of turning the pages again back in my life. It's those random touches and noises, like a flip of a book, that is so satisfying to the soul.

4. Vegan baking
I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon looking through recipes to try some vegan baking. I have an almond cooking recipe and also a brownie/cookie recipe I am very excited to try. 

5. Podcasts
I had Limetown in my queue for so long and finally got around to listening to it several weeks ago. It's fiction but oh it is so good. If you are into X-Files, I think you will definitely enjoy it. The sound effects definitely creeped me out. 

6. Video games
There are a few things Yangkyu and I enjoy doing together and one of them is video games. Some of our favorites have been Overcooked (so hilarious in the beginning, especially when you are trying to coordinate with each other on who is going to do what. We laughed so hard that our belly button almost popped out), Chariot and 9 Parchments, which we are playing now. I hope we never grow out of playing video games together. Even when we're 60.

7. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
A couple of months back, I kept wondering why my face looked so different. It was so puzzling and not so pleasant as well. Defeating, almost. Was it the braces that was changing the shape of my face? Am I just getting old? And then I finally figured it out. It was my eyelashes. Or my very shortened and thinning eyelashes. I had gotten eyelash extensions at a tremendously horrible place and it nearly plucked my existing eyelashes out. Then I heard about Jamaican Black Castor Oil and I've been using it for about a month and voila! It works! My eyelashes are long again. I had long-ish lashes to start with before the horrible extensions, but I think it's even longer. Hurrah!

8. Weeding out the toxic in my life
While I've enjoyed a wonderful, peaceful balance in my life for a long time now, there has been a toxic presence that has been stressing me out lately. I am working to weeding it out. 

9. Netflix
So many great things on Netflix. I have enjoyed From In This Corner of the World, Wild Wild Country, The Keepers and Stranger (Korean drama). I am currently watching Fallet and have Children of the Whales and Ugly Delicious in my queue. 

10. Japanese interiors and food 
Lately I have been very much interested in following accounts on Instagram that showcase wonderfully homey, rustic, countryside Japanese interior homes. They are far away from Tokyo, from that city scene, and it's just my vibe. Food and bento pictures are also so very interesting to me and it makes me keep busy in my own kitchen. Not just cooking though, but presentation and also photography as well. Not lavishly staged but somewhere along the lines of more natural. I have such a long ways to go to nail the whole concept but it's always nice to have an interest that drives you, doesn't it?

What's been going on in your neck of the woods? 


  1. Children of the Whales is so good! I flew through the first season so now I'm going through withdrawal until season 2. Ugly Delicious was another thing I totally binged. All of the food looked amazing...
    If you need another good laugh, you should watch Nailed It. It's about normal people attempting to make beautiful cakes and failing at it. You won't be disappointed.

    1. I am looking forward to Children of the Whales! I will probably have to find time somewhere so that I can binge :D I have seen Nailed It floating around and will definitely look into it! Sounds hilarious! Thanks!

  2. I'm loving Ugly Delicious as well, especially the Houston episode on crawfish

    1. It's 8 am and my stomach is rumbling :)

  3. Our rental is so bare and I get jealous of my neighbors lush and colorful lawns. I try my best with some potted plants but they never last.... lol

    I can't get used to the new games, but we used to love playing some old school Nintendo. We had one forever but it seems to have gotten lost during our move... still hoping to find in my mom's basement or something one of these years lol

    I'd love for you to do a post on your favorite (and not so favorite) meatless/vegan items or recipes. I don't know if I will ever cut it completely (and Brandon definitely won't haha) but I've been wanting to do 1-2 meatless meals a week... so any recommendations would be appreciated!

  4. Oh Peonies how exciting! I hope you keep us updated on your garden adventures :) Ben and I have just started playing a new game before bed, it's one of those puzzle adventure games (we're nerds!). I realised we'd only been watching tv shows and movies together (just finished Wild Country - it was great huh!) but gaming adds a certain partnership bonding and it's been so fun to get back into it, even if it's just for ten minutes :) Those instagram accounts sound pretty amazing, if you ever have the chance I'd be interested in their names to follow along too!

    1. Hi Fee! Sorry it took me to long to get back to you about the accounts! I finally got around to getting the names of some!

      I love puzzle adventure games! And some do add a level of certain partnership bonding :D

  5. The black castor oil sounds interesting, will need to check that out & yes, for getting the toxics out of your life. I've been doing that & I'm much happier for it. It's too much and drags one down. x


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