April 19, 2018

New spot for Piri and Bartles and Thursday evening ramblings

Yesterday I rearranged the bedroom. Actually I've been rearranging the bedroom for two straight days because I can't seem to find a groove I like. 

This all started because I told Yangkyu how it would be nice to watch movies from our bedroom from a projector during summer nights. And so I was trying to find a good spot for the bed where it would be convenient to watch facing an empty wall. And the only wall that ended up working was the one where I had hung the Night Sky prints of when Piri and Bartles crossed the rainbow bridge. So I said a huge apology to the boys and gave them a new spot in the room. Which was refreshing nonetheless.

But it brings me to my second random rambling. 

See, I began this whole food journey last November and in the new year I actually started another journey. A journey to spend less and not buy things I don't need. It all stems from trying to consume less to produce less waste. And it began with not buying personal items for me (things that I want to buy like clothes, make up, accessories and other random things).

So how have I been doing? 

Ehh... I thought I was doing pretty well and so I tracked what I spent so far and well, the list was longer than I thought. Some items I think were good buys while others were definitely a waste (womp womp womp).

All in all, for the past four months I purchased - 

1. Two pairs of pants and 1 pair of jeans - I regret one of the pants I bought. It was in the boho style that I thought would be hard to come by so I bought them. They are also really flowy, which is perfect for days when I'm caring for dogs. But when I bought them I couldn't wear them because it was too cold and the pants are thin. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm not sure if I will actually wear them. *sigh*

2. Two books - I couldn't find them in the library and I was interested in the content and so I bought them. One book was good while the other wasn't. *shrug, although Yangkyu always tells me to never hold back from buying books if I really want to read them* 

3. Digital files which I realized I didn't need as soon as I bought them. *sigh*

4. Four hair treatment products - I've been using three of them well and one I haven't used yet. 

5. Two apps - using well 

6. Vitamin - don't need *double sigh*

7. iPhone tripod - don't need and haven't even used yet *wasteful*

8. Vinyl record - don't need but I really liked the music *shrug*

Which brings me to this projector.

I already made space for the room but do we really need a projector? Will we use it for a long time? I'm not really sure. And so it's currently on our wish list along with a few other things. I've been into Kaico products lately and wanted to purchase a pot and also a kettle and a food processor to cook more vegan food. The food processor I plan on buying next month because I've been keeping up cooking often at home and am very much interested in continuing to cook more vegan as well. The Kaico products are more on the "not really necessary" list. I told myself I would buy them when spring comes but I'm pushing it back again to the fall. Or perhaps pushing it back until I think I need them. Whenever our kettle gives out and whenever it's time to switch out one of our pots perhaps that's when I'll buy.

At first I wasn't sure how I would do not buying things. I was so used to just buying with a simple click, but I haven't even touched Amazon and we are even planning on getting rid of our Prime membership. 

Four months in, I am just really curious to see if this mentality will last an entire year and I wonder what it would like to look back in December. So while it began as my contribution to be less wasteful in a very materialistic world, it is pretty much driven by my own curiosity at my will power and a little bit of stubbornness, too.


  1. Jane, I think your goal of being less wasteful is really admirable and you're doing great IMO! TBH, when I did the KonMari method, I was successful for awhile in not buying anything but lately, that has gone down the drain so I just try to get rid of stuff when something new comes in. I don't think I can totally stop buying but your goal is inspirational!
    PS The projector idea in the bedroom is really cool. :)

  2. I've been trying to thrift instead of buy new clothes - my small part of cutting down consumption. Otherwise we've just been buying dog things. It's amazing how much they require!

  3. Being mindful of consumption can be really really hard, I'm also on that journey and I just try and remind myself to keep going and not be too hard on myself :) :) And this is probably a really unhelpful comment but the projector idea sounds amazing and something that gives you guys experiences rather than just an item. Could you see if you could get one second hand? If you don't use it you could then re-sell if for a similar price?


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