March 23, 2018

Snow Day

Happy Friday!

While these photos look like we were inside a giant snow globe, the snow has mostly melted away. Lady loves to eat snow so she enjoyed this lovely snow buffet and helped herself to as many snow cones as her little heart desired. I was afraid it would give her a tummy ache and so I tried to discourage her but she kinda snuck more gulps behind my back (or so she thought.. I see you, Lady... I totally see you because I have eyes on the back of my head - my third grade teacher used to say this in class and I used to think it was so lame).

Yesterday was our first full day off from Piri's Place and we spent it how we normally spend our first free days, which is cleaning. I've finished all of the downstairs area and today I have our two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. It normally takes almost the entire day because I vacuum, then go over the floors once more with our Bona floor cleaner (this is God send along with our handheld Dyson), the laundry is going the entire day as we have dog blankets, our bed sheets, sofa covers, dog bed covers, dog toys, bath mats, floor mats to wash. I scrub our rugs, but the best part is that I get to rearrange. This never gets old for me.

This process is a little tiring but it's also incredibly soothing. 

During our snow day, after playing in the snow, Yangkyu and I flipped through Netflix and came across Forgotten, a Korean thriller. It started off great for me, the kind of films I enjoy watching, but I'm not quite sure how much I liked the ending. Has anyone seen this?

If you're like me and enjoy these types of movies, I highly recommend Memories of Murder (2003) and Moss (2010).

Yangkyu and I also began to discuss our spring and summer garden. While I don't think I will ever grow a garden as awesome as my dad's, it always feels great to pick something straight from your backyard to eat and include in our cooking.

And while I love having my own vegetable garden, I didn't want to start from seedlings this year only because I'm lazy, but we are also picky about where seeds come from and don't want to buy any random vegetables that are grown ready to plant. So... well... I guess it's starting from seedling for us, eh? We will most likely go back to the place we always get our seeds from - All Good Things Organic Seeds

Our early brainstorming include planting cucumbers, green peppers, crown daisies, Ida Gold tomatoes, and of course some lettuce and herbs, too. I also want to grow some strawberries and get a small lemon tree as well. 

We'll also be arming our backyard with flowers and herbs that deter mosquitos - mainly marigolds, rosemary and lemongrass. I don't get bit by them as much as Yangkyu. They love him to bits. Poor Yangkyu.

It looks like the last frost date in our area is going to mid-April. I think some people start their gardens after Mother's Day just to make sure they are free of any frost, but we like to get an early start.

So exciting! Hurry hurry warm weather!

Some other things I've been dabbling at - Sachiko stitching. I have been meaning to make some pot holders and maybe a couple of place mats. A tote bag would be nice too. I'm also still reading IQ84 and started on One Piece but decided not to read it further. My uncle wanted to be a manga artist but was discouraged from pursing that career path because back then it wasn't deemed a respectable job and earning money that way would've been difficult. I only wish I had the talents to draw and come up with amazing storylines because it would've been a career path I would've taken in a heartbeat, with my mother's blessing too (she was an artist as well).

There isn't enough hours in the day to do everything I enjoy. Sometimes I miss the chance altogether because I oftentimes try to find blocks of time to do something because I hate having to put something down mid-way. I, of course, never find this block of time, and so I end up not having spent any time on making or reading or baking. *shrug* 

Tomorrow we had big plans to head out to DC with Lady but we may just hang out elsewhere. OBG Cocker Rescue, where Lady was adopted from, recently won a contest hosted by We The Dogs DC. They're partnering with Mascot Publishing to print a photobook that will feature dogs in iconic DC locations. Proceeds will go to the top three participating organizations in the contest, and OBG got the most votes. Woot woot.

We have tons of photos of Piri at different monuments, landmarks and neighborhoods but none really of Mr. Bartles or Lady. The deadline to submit photos was yesterday so we missed our chance, but we still wanted to take Lady to the places we used to enjoy and get her some doggy ice cream at Pleasant Pops (we used to go here often with Piri) and head to our favorite little Japanese grocery store called Hana Market. But I guess there is always a next time. It would be nice to take her to places where there is a a lot of pedestrian culture and see her ears perk up and her eyes light up with curiosity. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Hope it'll be a good one for you.

March 20, 2018

Waiting for spring

We had gorgeous weather yesterday. When I went to walk our guest dogs it was 60 degrees out. And believe it or not, today is a miserable 30 degrees, raining with snow in the forecast. This wonky weather has delayed peak cherry blossoms dates with the National Park Service predicting it to fall between March 27-31 and the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang saying it will likely be between March 30 - April 3. At this rate we will miss peak bloom again this year as our only free window falls this weekend. Alas, better luck next year for us!

I've spent the better part of our morning looking up for vegan recipes to try. I might be old fashioned this way but I can't seem to work off of recipes using my phone or iPad. I need something on a piece of paper. And because I am still consuming seafood, I have also looked through some Korean seafood recipes to try. We only really eat salmon, cod or mackerel around here and it gets boring when we cook it the same way over and over. I have some inspiration to mix things up and definitely looking forward to how they turn out.

Tonight is our last night with guest dogs and we're on break for 6 days. Originally we had meant to take off for longer but we decided to cut it short to accept a guest who frequents here. We've decided to open our doors a bit early just for her so a slow start back to the dog sitting.

Our current guests are eager to be let out for their afternoon bathroom break. Maybe a fetch session, too.

If it's as soggy and grey in your neck of the woods, stay dry. And warm!

 // Flower crown on Lady from the Barkshop. (Large)

March 19, 2018

Happy birthday, Piri

It is a wonderful month of birthday celebrations over here. On the 11th we celebrated what would've been Bartles' 14th birthday. 

On the 17th we celebrated Clover's, our guest dog, 3rd birthday. He was born on St. Patrick's day, hence his name. I'll have to share some pictures we took of him soon on the blog but first, today, March 19th, we are remembering Piri on what would've been his 19th birthday. 

Happy birthday, Piri. My forever best friend. I miss you...

March 11, 2018

Happy birthday, Mr. Bartles

Today is Mr. Bartles' birthday. He would've turned 14. Instead he is forever 13 and lives in my heart.

I miss him. A bit too much, a bit too often and a little more every day.

I almost rambled on a sad note about how much regret I still have and how I still feel bad for those nights when I got frustrated. But I erased all that because today should be a day to celebrate.

Today isn't the actual day Bartles' was born. No one knew his real birthday. And so the day he was rescued became his birthday. 

I asked Yangkyu if he thinks Bartles was having a birthday party with all his friends across the rainbow bridge. He said, of course. They have so many good things to eat. 

I wondered if Bartles will get to have any. He was such a good boy that he always shared. What if he kept sharing and there was none left for him? 

"That's Bartles..", Yangkyu said. 

That is our Bartles. Always a big heart. 

Happy birthday, sweet pea. Happy birthday. 

March 1, 2018

My favorite month of the year

Happy March!

It's my favorite month of the year.


Because all three of my cockers were born this month: 

Piri on March 19, 1999
Bartles on March 12, 2004
Lady on March 24, 2003

Actually, Bartles and Lady's birthdays aren't accurate. Their birth dates were unknown when they were rescued and so Bartles' birthday is the day he was rescued and Lady, well she had two birth dates listed on separate documents when we adopted her - July and March. Since the year on the July date was off we decided to go with the March date.

It'll be a month of celebrations for us.

We may also luck our incredibly this year if cherry blossom forecasts stay the same. It looks like peak bloom will fall on dates when Piri's Place is closed so we'll be able to trek out with Lady. 

In the past when we didn't book up so quickly, we were able to block off dates and once predictions were out we were able to officially close without it getting in the way of pending reservations. Now we get booked months ahead and cherry blossom forecasts don't really solidify until we hit March. We are already fully booked for this month and have reservations for April and so I was a little wary that we may not be able to go this year.

I ended up taking the entire week off at the end of the month in March since we'll be booked from the beginning of the month for about three straight weeks, and thankfully the predictions happened to fall on those off dates. Let's hope it stays that way and doesn't get delayed.

Lately, I've been loving that it's not quite dark out at 6 pm, that daylight savings is around the corner and my hands aren't as dry and cracked as it used to be during the cold cold winter months.

I thought February was going to be brutally cold but it wasn't so bad. Thank goodness! 

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