December 30, 2012

year in review. from, piri

 piri said he wanted to do his own list for 2012.
so here are his highlights.

i went to the jefferson memorial and made a lot of people smile with my blue shoes.

i made a new friend (my birthday present from papa).

summertime meant eating lots of watermelon.

and going on road trips with mama and papa. 

i said good-bye to my favorite window in our maryland apartment.

i found out that mama's new pillows were really comfy and decided to make them mine.

i got excited watching the olympic soccer matches!

and was up to a lot of shenanigans in my new home in virginia.

i got a new ball toy, which i shredded up with the help of mr. green dog.

and hid from mama because i didn't want to take a bath.

i spread happiness all summer long.

and stole more of mama's pillows.

i had surgery though.

but got a cool tie when i recovered.

i found a new favorite dog park. 

and got into the "not impressed" fad.

i posed for mama in exchange for chicken treats.

and mama shared apples with me on monday mornings.

i daydreamed more of apples, mangos and chicken.

i dressed up as a ghost for halloween.

and decided to make this window my new favorite window.

i followed mama to the polls.

i was a good elf this christmas.

and played in the snow in my blue shoes.

memorable moments of 2012: #1 - our anniversary

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--our 3-year wedding anniversary--

this is it. the last memorable moment of 2012, and it's our 3-year wedding anniversary.

originally we had planned on going back to hawaii (we had gone for our honeymoon), but planning didn't go as we had thought so we decided to go to spend it in and around virginia visiting landmarks. but, of course the day of our anniversary i ended up getting really sick and i couldn't stay outside for a long time. i remember yangkyu taking me on an ice cream date to make me feel better and i didn't remember much after that. i asked him when we were working on this 10 memorable list together, "what did we do for our anniversary?" he explained: 

"you were sick, so i took you to ben & jerry's to get your favorite ice cream. then we sat outside in the nice weather, watching neighborhood kids play in the fountain water. after you finished your ice cream, you threw a class a temper tantrum and said you wanted bonchon chicken. so we ordered take out and spent the night playing dr. mario where you beat me 10 games straight."

i started laughing because as soon as he said class a tantrum i remembered what had happened. 

we didn't get to go anywhere fancy or nice for our anniversary,and instead we spent it at home, with piri, with yummy marinated chicken and good ole video games. it was the best anniversary yet. 

wishing everyone a happy new year! 


December 29, 2012

memorable moments of 2012: #2 - piri recovers!

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--piri recovers from surgery--

back in september, piri started showing signs of limping and couldn't walk on his left front paw. multiple trips to the vet couldn't determine what was wrong - x-rays turned out nothing and antibiotics weren't working. that was when our vet decided to have surgery and explore his paw from the inside. what turned out were several pieces of odd plant/grass awns implanted in piri's paw. we still don't know how those got there, but we were so happy that piri recovered from his surgery. 

because he's an older dog, we had our worries about him going under anesthesia, but our vet was reassuring and did such a fantastic job of making sure our little guy pulled through. piri recovered post-surgery, which meant being on all sorts of medication and going for check-ups and bandage changes every other day for the first week, and once a week until his sutures came off.

since his surgery, he's been running and trotting and being up to all sorts of shenanigans again. we're just so happy that he made it through. his last surgery (when he was neutered) didn't go so well so this was a huge huge relief. we love this little guy and we hope that he'll continue to be healthy.


December 28, 2012

memorable moments of 2012: #3 - happy blogging

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--third time's the charm? happy blogging!--

back in september i decided to pick up blogging again. i think i was looking for a space to log my own memories, meet people who had similar interests, learn from creative minds and simply to share life stories. i think learning about people through their experiences and stories is the most interesting thing. i can sit for hours doing it.

 this is the third try at blogging and by far it has been the most engaging and fun experience. beginning with instagram, i've learned what it means to build meaningful relationships online and to create a community of people. i'm so happy to have met the folks i have already and can't wait to connect with more.

i have always said that 2012 was going to be a year of new experiences and relationships. this couldn't be more true.

thank you for a great time so far and showing so much love to our little family.


December 27, 2012

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did. 


December 26, 2012

memorable moments of 2012: #4 - piri swims for the first time!

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--piri swims for the first time--

do you ever make those lists? 
10 things to do before you turn 30? or before you get married? 
or before you graduate from college? 

well, we have those lists going for piri and on that list was "swimming".
we didn't get to swim with him, but back in april we took him to rock creek park where we saw him swim for the first time. it was the cutest sight ever. i think my heart melted when i saw him doggy paddle.

piri is 13 years old and this was his first time swimming. next on the list is playing in our own big back yard. perhaps with a pool so that we can swim with him.
one day piri... one day..

December 25, 2012

merry christmas! love, piri

piri was on santa's nice list this year, like he was every year.
he got a pair of new jammies, a bow tie, his own nutcracker toy and yummy bacon treats. 
he didn't get to decorate his little tree nor did he get to use our big one as his new wee wee spot, but this christmas season was overall a good one for this little guy. 

hope it was jolly for you, too!

jane and piri

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