May 29, 2013

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did. 


May 28, 2013

we picked the most delicious strawberries at shlagel farms

we had the 60s station on pandora the whole time driving one hour to shlagel farms in waldorf, maryland, to go strawberry picking! yangkyu wasn't too familiar, but for some odd reason i knew the words to every song that came on. gotta love the oldies!

we had blast, part 2, once we got to schlagel farms - the strawberries were so red and shiny (i made a bad joke to yangkyu saying "maybe these are vampire strawberries.. they sparkle in the sun!") and absolutely delicious. we missed out strawberry picking last year, so we were stoked to get it in this year. and we hope to make it an annual thing!

after the picking, we said hello to the chickens and grabbed some vanilla milkshake {for him} and cherry slushi {for her} and listened to more 60 tunes on pandora on our way back home. 

i love days like this.

May 27, 2013

howlin at wolf trap: a prairie home companion

one of our favorite things to do during the weekend is to 
and so when the show was coming to wolf trap, we bought the tickets 
as soon as they went on sale.
we went on friday night and it was coooold! brrr. hello? where did spring go? 
despite our feet and hands going numb, we had such a great time.
heather masse has a lovely voice, the milk carton kids are a delight, howard levy was amazing and as always, garrison keillor was oh so humorous.
friday night wasn't broadcasted, but you can hear the recording of the live saturday show here

we loved singing along to you are my sunshine and home on the range. the ladies who sat behind us had the most loveliest of voices. 

thanks for a wonderful night wolf trap & a prairie home companion!

want to sing along too? 

May 26, 2013

i upgraded to an iphone 5 and fell in love with the front view camera. more pictures like this are planned for the near future and beyond.

we literally spent the entire saturday morning and afternoon like this.

May 20, 2013

a laugh is a smile that bursts

our black and white afterlight filter & polamatic shenanigans. 
{font created on the phonto app}

May 19, 2013

your dog has the coolest shoes

we know. we know.
that's what someone said to us a few days ago during our pinkberry run near where we live.

every time we take piri out in his blue shoes, he catches the attention of literally everyone. 
we get LOTS of smiles and comments like "omg! look! that dog has shoes on!", not to mention the questions. 

does he like it? {not sure - he hasn't really told us, but he doesn't throw a tantrum when we put them on so maybe he likes them?}
do they work well? {most definitely}
what kind are they? {pawz!}

we must've used so many different brands until we finally settled with pawz (because they hardly come off and are waterproof! it's literally all rubber that you slip on your pooch's paws). i had trouble putting them on and taking them off at first, especially when piri's fur was a bit longer on his legs, but got the hang of it quickly. 

piri did his little donkey walk at first when he first tried on shoes, but now he walks in them like they're not even there. 

piri loves to roam and smell the grass and who knows what he steps on. he also brings in a lot of things into the house - twigs, dirt, leaves.. cocker spaniel paws are so furry! so the shoes work for us all season long. 

so the next time you see a cocker spaniel in nifty blue booties, you just might be running into us!


May 15, 2013

random wednesday thoughts and by golly oh molly please pause for a moment because i'm a winner of something!

^^^because pink lemonade always tastes better in a mason jar with fresh lemon, chunks of ice and a cute little straw.^^^

^^^we could really use a vacation but oh where shall we go? that is the question...^^^

^^^madonna once said she loathes hydrangeas. i actually find them cute and fluffy.^^^

^^^these two sit on my windowsill all day doing their cacti thing.^^^

and.. woot! i never win anything. i really have the worst of lucks when it comes to winning give-aways and prizes. but! this time i won! 

jessica over at the creative index held this beautiful give-away and low and behold i'm the winner! 
thank you!


May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

"to describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."
- maya angelou

happy mother's day to the two most beautiful women in the world - my mother and my mother-in-law. yangkyu and i have been blessed with their love and patience. we deeply miss yangkyu's mother, but know that her smile (like the one above in the picture!) lives on in our hearts.

to my friends who are celebrating mother's day for the first time, or for many years, hope you get to sleep in and get showered with love and kisses (oh and breakfast in bed!). 

and here is an adorable message from kid president

happy mother's day!


ps - we love that even as toddlers, me and yangkyu were matchy-matchy in our yellow shirts.

May 10, 2013

i love....

May 9, 2013

just me and dog.. oh and our little vegetable container garden

it began with an idea and now it's real.
they've begun to sprout.

May 7, 2013

when piri dreams...

he sometimes whimpers and moves his little legs as if he's chasing something. 
we think probably rabbits or squirrels.
he looks so sweet when he's sleeping, but other times i worry if he's having a nightmare.

speaking of nightmares..
i had a dream the other night that me and yangkyu were being chased by a really pissed off cow.
this was right after we watched forks over knives. i said "the cow was sniffing the ground like how piri does and then it came after us!" yangkyu said, maybe it was really piri in your dream wearing a cow mask. {haha}

i used to have reoccurring dreams and i didn't likes those much.

my mother said that right before she found out she was pregnant with me, she had dream where she was standing in a field of flowers. 

dreams can be so quirky, calming or leave me feeling a little nervous.

what kind of dreams do you have? 

May 5, 2013

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did. 


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