December 31, 2013

year in review from piri the cocker spaniel.

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before we completely say good-bye to 2013, piri wanted to do a list of his own recapping his favorite moments. he did one in 2012, so we said why not. it'll be fun. so i sat down with him while sharing an apple and went over the past year on instagram, since he always dominates our feed

hope you enjoy!
^^ i learned that if i leaned in this close to the human girl in my life, she feels extra bad and gives me more pieces of her apple. ^^
^^ the human bed and pillows are a great place to nap. ^^
^^ and so are the piles of clothes that come out of the big boxy machine. it's always so warm and fluffy.  but i think i was supposed to help fold the clothes. not sleep on them. ^^
^^ but i helped take notes while mama worked from home. getting on those conference calls were kind of a big head ache. humans sure do talk a lot. ^^
^^ during the summer months, i said good morning to the world from my favorite window. all the trees and grass greeted me back. ^^
^^ i spied on mr. neighbor a few times. he smokes a lot. but he's friendly. ^^
^^ i saw bubbles for the first time. i wasn't impressed. they are actually kind of really annoying. ^^
^^ i got a cool fourth of july bow tie and i saw fire crackers at night. ^^
^^ i met isabella and she was a little rambunctious. but that's ok. she was kinda cool. ^^
^^ what was not cool was a bath that i got afterwards. i also got a facial and smelled like blueberries for days. ^^
^^ when i was sick, lambchop kept me company. ^^
^^ but i accidentally took out her stuffing a few months later. ^^
^^ i liked taking naps with this guy. he snores a lot. but i snore too. so we snored together. ^^
^^ i learned that this is called the green foxtail. i liked to pee on them during my walks. ^^
^^ i got to wear my pirate hat on national talk like a pirate day. ^^ 
^^ and got to eat more and more apples. it's my favorite. ^^
^^ and i got my own pumpkin for halloween. ^^
^^ then sweater weather finally came. ^^
^^ and i was officially crowned sir majesty of the bedsheets and pillows. ^^ 
^^ i helped trim the tree. ^^
^^ and i waited for santa under it. ^^
^^ and i never got tired of greeting the humans this year when they came home. i sometimes gave them my kermit the frog toy as a welcome home present. ^^

thank you for keeping piri and us as part of your online lives. wherever you are, i hope you are keeping safe and enjoying your time on this new year's eve. happy new year. see you in 2014. 


December 30, 2013

2013 - year in review: part 2.

hello! hope you had a wonderful weekend. ours was pretty low key - just running a few errands and spending some down time watching mad hot ballroom on netflix, as well as kiki's delivery service. 

i spent a quiet christmas afternoon looking back on the year on the blog and shared a post about it last week. i wanted to finish off the recap with a few of our favorite pictures and memorable moments in the last six months of the year. i was pleasantly surprised at how many new things we tried and traditions we kept from years past.

so won't you look back with us again?
july and august were filled things we enjoyed -- friends visiting, diy projects, like this one from a creative index blog, which gave us anthro-like letters that we hung over our beds, a trip to the dog run where we met a cute little micro english bulldog named isabella, beginning of our gallery wall project, lots of time poolside, scoring a pair of dining chairs {thrifted} and painting them a sunburst yellow {still love this color so much} and another diy project --  a garland to go with those letters on top of our bed.  
also in august, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. we always like to recall how we came about our engraving inside our rings. 

summer is my favorite season and i wanted to make sure we ventured out as much as we could, with piri of course. we took in all the pretty scenic views at billy goat trail, and also made it into another video opportunity. i also got in the kitchen more and began to make some of my favorite dishes, like this mandu
when september rolled around, we took a few more trips, including one to philadelphia where we spent the day hitting the historical spots and ending it with geno's cheesesteaks, as well as to a sunflower field in maryland. they were so pretty and we can't wait to go again next year. 

^^ also made some homemade treats for piri. ^^ 

when summer officially came to an end and we welcomed fall, we kicked things off with a few new things with the blog, like hosting our first giveaway with olive green dog followed by another giveaway with harlex leathers, and being featured on a grinning labrador's "dog of the day" series. we were also tagged for the liebster and sunshine awards, joined in on the blogpaws wordless wednesday bloghops and got to work with to showoff our neck of the woods a bit. 

oh and of course, we were winners of a few wonderful giveaways ourselves! beautiful prints by albie designs hosted by creative index, whimsical tiny kingdom print shoppe cards on so about what i said, $200 anthropologie's dog shop gift card on creature comforts and baublebar chevron earrings on rolala loves

these were all exciting opportunities and we hope we can do more next year. 
in the fall, we were also excited to be introduced to your dog's diner and their wonderful line of dog mixes. we did our first review of their mutt meatballs and soup, which ended up being a hit with piri. we also did a review of their mutt pancakes as well later on in the year. we just love having these selections as part of piri's diet and look forward to cooking some more for him.

i also tried another korean recipe, perilla leaves kimchi, and made homemade doughnuts, took on a simple diy project, photo magnets, and also decided to hack our ikea malm dresser as well. i got to leave notes in yangkyu's lunch and gave them a little make over with diy cork stamps, which i saw over at caught on a whim, and gave our thrifted garden pitcher a new look. loved how they all turned out. 
we also got to do a couple of things that eluded us in 2012 - apple picking and going to see fall foliage at shenendoah national park. and inbetween these two great outings was pumpkin carving and halloween, which are always fun. 
in early november, we shared our personal story, and were so touched by your support and words. i've felt it before, but i think this truly made me feel like i am part of a special community online. 

the rest of the month we did our final diy of the year, a little crown for piri, celebrated cocorrina's 2-year blog anniversary with an amazing giveaway, did our first guest post over at coco/mingo and had more friends from new york join us for thanksgiving
december finally rolled around and we kept up with tradition by seeing a christmas show, celebrated my birthday and spent a wonderful christmas. 

wow. that felt like a big mouthful. and now we're just days away from waking up on the first day of 2014. 

yangkyu and i were talking about how 2013 didn't seem like one of the best years we've had. it's funny how we miss the little things when we see the big picture. sure we had our downs, but what year doesn't have them. so right now as we reflect, enjoy the present and get ready for the new year, we're counting our blessings, new friendships and connections and exciting opportunities that came our way. we're happy that we'll have these memories to treasure forever.

hope you are enjoying these last few days we have left in 2013. 

 // 2013 year in review: part 1 can be found here

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