December 19, 2013

in the kitchen with your dog's diner: mutt pancakes for piri.

the awesome folks at your dog's diner just added mutt pancakes to their cooking mix line for dogs. they sent us a package and we couldn't wait to cook some up. we tried their mutt meatballs and mutt soup not too long ago and ever since then we grew to become big fans of the people {and dogs!} behind this wonderful business. 

the mutt pancake mix is free of grains, glutens, wheat, dairy, soy and corn. all you need to do is add one cup of water or unsalted broth {we used water} to the mix and either cook them over stovetop or in the oven {we did stovetop}. 

the ingredients include organic tapioca flour, organic coconut flour, organic flaxseed meal, non-aluminum, gluten-free baking power. 

the package says it makes 20 pancakes, but we made them a little bigger because i wanted to cut out letters and shapes with our cookie cutters. 

just as he did with the mutt meatballs and mutt soup, piri gobbled these up. we made them in the afternoon, but pancakes are good any time of the day. am i right or am i right? but i kept picturing having these with piri during the weekend {saturday mornings are usually pancake mornings for us} and also christmas where breakfast is a big deal around here. 

all their mixes - the meatballs, soup and pancakes - don't take long to make. i think it's a special treat to give to your pups on any day or during the holidays. it's also healthy for them, which is always a thumbs up for me. 

you can order their mixes right here. also, find good selection of recipes here

thanks your dog's diner for another great meal option for our pup!
^^ he kinda really had no idea i was making this for him. boy was he surprised. ^^ 
^^ one package of mutt pancakes has a cup of this mix. here you add one cup of water or unsalted broth. ^^
 ^^ using a whisk or a spoon, stir until there are no more lumps. ^^ 
 ^^ cook them over stovetop or in the oven and voila. here you can see we made them a little bigger. ^^
 ^^ i took out the cookie cutters and did a little personalization. ^^
 ^^ this look. it melts my heart twice over! ^^
^^ visit your dog's diner today to order your mix! ^^

** we were given a package of mutt pancakes by your dog's diner, but the opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. 


  1. aw that face - I am sure he was so happy to eat them :)

  2. Seriously after reading ingredient list, I can totally eat his pancakes. Sounds healthier than many food choices available to human. He is one lucky pup to have a very loving mama like you. Seemed like he enjoyed it a lot too.

  3. Piri's "Is that for me?" look is so priceless. Love that guy!

  4. A happy Piri makes my day c: Those mutt pancakes
    looks great and so healthy! Xx

  5. Aw, you made the pancakes so adorable! :) And I'm loving your photos of holiday festivities and decorations. It's still pretty warm in California and feels like September. I'm a little worried about the cold but definitely looking forward to holidays in the DC region!

  6. awww so sweet. I had no idea they had this to make!! =D

  7. Omg hes so cute!

  8. It's awesome how healthy these sound. Piri is one lucky pup!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post yesterday Jane! I appreciate the support!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. You are right this such a fun way to remember your pets on the holidays. Too cute! And love your ideas for a kitchen/dinning room. I thought about a wall for chalkboard paint too.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  10. aww, oh piri... Jane, you make adorable treats for the puppy, no wonder he's always cute! aww, his eyes <3

  11. Piri has the sweetest face ever. I think I'm going to try my go at making Beamer pancakes sometime soon. My sister made whole wheat pancakes yesterday and they weren't good, so most of it went to the dogs and they were completely happy with that :)

  12. oh this is so so sweet! what a lucky guy Piri is :) x

  13. Piri's the cutest thing. And how fancy, pancakes for dogs! I'm sure my parent's dog isn't as fancy as Piri getting all these homemade stuff, but almost sure he'll eat it too, haha!

  14. Pancakes for dogs!! Frankie is totally missing out. SSssh don't tell her.

    Merry Christmas Jane! And all the best for the New Year xx


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