April 29, 2013

there are so many things i want to show you, piri.. like this.. this is called virginia beach..

i still have virginia beach on my mind and how it was so relaxing and perfect. 
the beach was something we had always wanted to show piri... among so many other things. 
we hope the little guy enjoyed it. by the looks of it, yes
we think so. 

April 28, 2013

a little film: "hello virginia beach! it's nice to meet you!"

on saturday, we packed up our little hatchback 
and took a three and a half hour trip to virginia beach!
i love my little family so much and 
decided to show you how much i love them with a little film. 

and with this, another "to do with piri" is scratched off the list! 
now on to playing in a big back yard!

hope you all had a spectacular weekend!


April 26, 2013

now playing: tunes for random dance parties in the kitchen

we love random dance parties in the kitchen.
sometimes piri joins in. with his favorite stuffed toy. 
wooden stirring spoons make for perfect mics or pretend drum sticks.

these are some tunes that get us movin and groovin.
happy friday!

01 // don't do me like that - tom petty and the heartbreakers
02 // old time rock and roll - graham blvd
03 // do you love me - contours 
04 // i wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston
05 // i want you back - jackson 5
06 // pack up - eliza doolittle
07 // rock & roll - eric hutchinson
08 // walking on sunshine - katrina and the waves

April 25, 2013

#throwbackthursday about a girl named jane

i was curious to see how i would look in a chronological order...
too bad i couldn't do a decade rewind {couldn't find pictures pre-2005}

^^^i took this picture on my birthday in 2005. i turned 27 years old and thought that age was kinda cool.^^^

^^^this was a warm summer day in 2006. piri had come to live with me in new york. it was a new chapter in my life. i turned 28 this year.^^^

^^^i turned 29 in 2007. it was also the year when i chopped my hair off. even though i told myself i would never do this again.. i grew my hair out and chopped it off again in 2009 right after my wedding.^^^

^^^2008 - the year i turned 30 and the year yangkyu proposed. this picture was right before our trip to bear mountain in new york. piri hated taking pictures then. he still hates it now.^^^

^^^i turned 31 in 2009, the year i got married. this was taken during our engagement shoot in times square.^^^

^^^starting yet another chapter in my life. we moved to washington dc 2010 and i turned 32 years old.^^^

^^^2011. the shortest my hair has been since college when i sported a boyish do. i'm still trying to grow my hair out to this day. i turned 33 this year. it was also the year we spent our 2nd anniversary in orlando.^^^

^^^i turned 34 in 2012 and finally decided to try lipstick.^^^

^^^it's 2013. i'll turn 35 this year. i remember when i turned 25. i told myself.. wow i'm closer to 30 than i am 20. i guess this time around, i'll be closer to 40 than 30.^^^

you know what i find out about myself as each year passes? 
i am still learning. 
i look back to how i was a year ago and can't believe how much i am still growing and maturing.


April 24, 2013

calling a time out to just chill (with this amazing slice of cheesecake)

so.. we found out that we were outbid. {darn}
piri peed on his leash and harness 
(it's our fault... 
we put them on top of his wee wee pad where he usually goes when we're not home).
and to top this fabulous wednesday off, i spilled coffee all over me and the kitchen floor. 

i think i need to call a time out juuust bout now and 
take this big ole piece of ny deli style cheesecake and just chill.

April 22, 2013

he's cute and spreads luck wherever he goes and we love this little guy to pieces

boy do we love this little guy to pieces.
and he brings us good luck. 
we took piri with us on our usual trips to open houses on sunday and
after months of looking, we finally found a place that felt like ours.
so.. we made an offer!
the townhome was awfully popular and we aren't getting our hopes up, 
but still making an offer was something so totally new and exciting. 
it was kinda of the highlight of our weekend!


April 19, 2013

trying to sum up some courage here...

there are always things that you have to do even though you don't want to do it. 

i have one of those "things" coming up soon 
and i'm trying to muster up some courage to do it.. 
because frankly i'm a little scared. 

it seems a little silly..
to say i need courage for something so tiny.
or that i'm scared of something that is probably nothing.

but sometimes i can't help how i feel.

April 17, 2013

{a list} on the way to a smile

i'm all smiles lately because:

1. i can finally tie my hair up in a messy bun. {i've been growing it out for the past year}
2. i bought a bow clip just to celebrate
3. a cocker spaniel tea party? this is too precious 
4. i discovered this {gotta love the 80s}
5. i'm shopping for summer sandals  

April 16, 2013

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did. 


ps - sending prayers to boston

April 15, 2013

i lost my head somewhere between last tuesday and friday, but it's in the right place now

or at least i think it's in the right place. 
it was so busy and tiring last week, i don't know what got me through. 

but the weekend brought wonderful things like: 
1. friends visiting from new york 
2. cherry blossom viewing
3. beautiful weather
4. good conversations and
5. laughter 

hope it was a lovely weekend on your end.


April 9, 2013

why do i easily fall into the trap?

sometimes it's easy for me to always fall into the trap.. 
the trap of wondering why there are so many crappy things in life. 
but then just at the right moment,
i get reminded of all the good people and things... 
and i wonder why i let the bad things get to me in the first place. 


thank you everyone for sharing what your idea of a perfect happiness would be!
they were all so lovely and reminded me once more to enjoy the simple things in life.


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