January 31, 2014

happy weekend + links {the lunar new year edition}

happy friday! happy lunar new year!

i know it's more widely known as chinese new year, but it's celebrated in many countries in asia and southeast asia, hence, i like to ring it in by saying lunar new year.

did you know that it's the year of the horse? and i'm a horse! {throw confetti}

my mom used to tell me that she hoped i would be born the year after, when it was the year of the sheep. she said there was a stigma of girls who were born as a horse because they would be carefree, bold, strong and all the things that women weren't supposed to be. not that she thought those characteristics were bad, but she worried that having them as a girl in a society that deemed those qualities as not good, i would live a life unfairly judged and critiqued. i think times have changed a bit since her worries. thanks goodness because horses are kinda neat. {not being biased here. i promise.}

i remember when it was the year of the horse 12 years ago {2002}, i was like 22, and i thought it was going to be the best year of my life. it turned out pretty uneventful. but! hopefully this year will be different...?

anyhow, i totally forgot to buy ingredients to make some rice cake soup so we're going to have our bowls over the weekend. i remember being part of big family celebrations with lots of lunar new year related food and games. not so much anymore. hopefully when we are blessed with children of our own we can get those traditions rollin again. 

in the meantime, i thought to share a bit of lunar new year awesomeness as part of our weekend links. i hope you can either relate to these or that they can serve as something to help you get to know a bit more about this wonderful holiday. it's not a comprehensive list by any means. if you know of any other ways lunar new year is celebrated in different countries, please share! i would love to know. also sprinkled in are just some other "horsey" types of links. i couldn't resist. 

happy weekend to you! 

 // pictures from cities worldwide preparing for lunar new year celebrations.

 // what does the year of the horse mean? 

 //  find your animal sign

 // an amazing chinese new year menu.

 // 8 lucky foods for chinese new year. 

 // this is what we're having. 

 // and vietnamese lunar new year foods. hungry yet? 

 // a book for all children. 

 // a beautiful horse print infinity scarf

 // these stunning prints

 // and this commercial. ok. kind of not related, but there is a horse in it. and a dog. i made yangkyu and piri watch it with me five times and i bawled each time. 


  1. Love the links! I grew up with the Chinese zodiac but never actually knew the superstitions behind the animals. It's interesting to learn something new!

  2. Happy New Year, Jane:) You know, one of my sisters was born Year of the Horse too:D Your mom is right.
    Anyhoo, here's to a great year ahead. BTW, love that infinity scarf you linked to.

  3. Happy lunar new year and TGIF! All of those food links you provided has got me hungry! BTW my animal sign is an ox...and I kept making this face :O as I kept reading the description of an ox from the link you provided. Especially when I read these sentences: "The world may perceive Oxen as being far too serious or incapable of loosening up. This sturdy sort is less than social by nature and tends to become introverted in a crowd. To make things worse, they can't be bothered with what other people think and prefer to do what makes them feel best." This sums me up in a lot of ways!

  4. Happy Lunar New Year Jane and so nice
    to hear you're a Horse! Actually all animals
    are nice as they all have their own hightlights
    but then again I'm not really superstitions
    anyway... I love to eat glutinous rice balls <3

  5. I love how all Asian celebrations are actually about food. Now I really need mochi.
    Also, I am a sheep, but I think I was supposed to be a horse. I don't think I'm very sheep-like.

  6. Happy Lunar New Year! I love your story. I know Asian parents can be very superstitious. I agree that horses are incredibly neat!
    This is a great round-up for the Lunar New Year! =)


  7. Happy Lunar New Year! I'm a horse too, so I'm with ya on wishing it is our year! :) I just oooohed with joy at the Puppy Love commercial. So.darn.cute.

  8. lunar new year sounds way better :) Gong Xi Fat Chai

  9. oooh love those lunar new year links! you're right, it's celebrated by way more than chinese folk, I should start saying lunar new year instead of chinese new year :) happy holidays, jane!!

  10. hi jane! happy lunar new year! my wish for you is that it's the best year ever. may you be blessed. thank you so much for stopping by my blog. i was tickled pink. i've seen you around the blogosphere, but never said hi. love your topics! following you via bloglovin to keep up with your posts. have a great weekend doll.

  11. Jane, I guess Chinese zodiac is different from yours because we do not have sheep. Instead we have goat. Chinese love having kids born in the year of the horse. It's supposed to be good. It's the Tiger year we don't want baby girls. Not that I believe... In the old, old days, baby Tiger girls are often given away or not treated well. So crazy. Have a great Horse year.

  12. I'm sure this one will be different for u and a full of big and small adventures, happy lunar new year! and not less important, happy weekend;-) x

  13. Happy Lunar New Year! I went to the Bijenkorf, which is a big warehouse in Amsterdam, they celebrated new year there, so I'm currently working my way trough the pictures, haha :] Will post them asap!

  14. Happy lunar new year! Interesting. I didn't know about those facts about women born in the year of the horse. I am one too. :) I hope this year gets better because I definitely feel like a horse the first two months of 2014. :)

  15. Love the lunar new year photos from around the world. Hope you're having a great weekend and happy new year to you, Piri and Yangkyu! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  16. Happy Lunar New Year! I think the horse traits are great for women. Especially in the 21st century. I'm a snake and haven't really thought about looking into my character traits. If I were to guess what they are, I'd say awesome, awesome, awesome, and awesome. But hey, I might be a little biased ;)

  17. So lucky to be a horse, what great qualities to have and so sweet your Mum was worried! Happy Lunar New Year!

  18. I did know it was the year of the horse but I don't know much about all the traditions attached to it, so cool I'll have a nose through those links. Well hopefully this year is more memorable for you 3, I'm sure we'll find out on these pages sooner enough!

    Buckets & Spades

  19. Happy lunar year!!! I think this year will revenge 2012 with lots of good adventures for you :) Great horse prints!

  20. Happy New Year and it will be a good year (it's your year!). I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating and lots of good eats

  21. Happy Lunar New Year Jane! So fun to see all the fun festivities around the world. Thanks for the link love :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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