January 6, 2014

new year, new glasses from firmoo. a review + $30 vouchers.

happy monday! 
did you all have a good weekend? 

ours was a bit all over the place. on saturday, we had a vet scare with piri's heart {but thankfully everything is ok!} then yangkyu and i ended up coming down with a really terrible cold. we literally had ginger tea by the pot all weekend. we're still sniffling and coughing, but hopefully we'll be feeling better in no time. crossing my fingers over here!

today, i'm writing up a quick review of firmoo, an online optical store that carries a line of affordable frames. i was contacted by them a few weeks ago and received a new pair of prescription glasses just in time for the new year. i was actually due for a glasses upgrade so the timing of this was perfect. 

at first i was a bit wary selecting a pair of glasses, let alone prescription glasses, online. i always went in person for this type of purchase. you know, there is always that comfort of trying them on, touching the frames, seeing yourself in the mirror and comparing with other styles. but thankfully, firmoo has a couple of options on their website that helps making your selection process a little easier.

first, there is a gallery of individuals who share their look and pick so you kind of have a sense of how a certain pair may look based on a real person. second, there is an option for you to upload your own photo to see how the pair of glasses you've selected looks on you. it's not looking in the mirror exactly, but it's the next best thing when you're shopping online. 
as for the glasses itself, i chose frame #cp6024 in tortoise. a few of pluses -- the lens are really clear and sharp and the hinges weren't loose. i know it's probably a silly worry, but it's those little things that can really screw up your buying experience. overall, navigating the website was a breeze and i'm quite enjoying these glasses {love the style and shape!}. i look forward to wearing them on a regular basis - while running errands, around the house or traveling abroad.

and here's something more -- firmoo is generously offering $30 vouchers for their classic series eyeglasses to five always with yoo readers. if you are interested, please use the code ALWAYSWITHYOOBLOGS4. the voucher works as a first come, first serve basis and is valid until february 1, 2014. 
if you are interested in working with firmoo, visit this link for possible collaborations. 

** i was given a pair of glasses from firmoo for this review, but the ideas and opinions expressed here are my own. 


  1. The look really nice on you! :]

  2. Goodness! How adorable are you in these frames:)
    And hope you feel better soon, Jane. We're all still coughing over here too:( And that's good that Piri's ok as well.

  3. Just got a new pair of glasses too... and love them!

  4. I always wished I had to wear glasses, too bad I was blessed with 20/20 vision. I love your new frames, they seem to suit you very well and are super-cute!

  5. You look so cute in these glasses!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. how cute! I love the round frames and the tortoise shell color! Firmoo has some cute specs, I have a couple pairs from them :)

  7. I love glasses, I have a fake pair that I wear to some business meetings when I especially want to look 'serious' :)

  8. When Firmoo contacted me for a product
    review, I saw these pair as well. Tho my
    face doesn't really tolerant round frames
    so I didn't pick it. But I think it looks
    really sweet on you ^^ Xx

  9. Glad to hear that Piri is ok! Those glasses look super cute on you Jane. xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  10. Those frames look great on you! Wonderful choice :)

  11. What a relief to hear Piri is A-ok :) And hopefully u & Yangkyu will get 100% recovered very soon~ Ginger tea does sound good whether we're sick or not on any cold day tho! I love the glasses on u! I've heard of Firmoo & glad to read ur review on it.

  12. Good news that Piri is ok. Those frames look fab on you. Take care and get well soon. I spent most of the weekend in bed recovering from the flu.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. The glasses look lovely on you!
    Thank god Piri is okay :)

  14. cute :)

    Ugh having a cold is the worst- glad you are feeling better.

  15. Feel better love and those glasses look great on you!

  16. nice it looks gorgeous on you, have always liked circle/ oval frames. glad to hear piri is ok and hope you & yangkyu will recover very soon!

    have a lovely week x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  17. How cute! I love the frames you chose! They fit your face perfectly! Absolutely perfect :)
    xo TJ


  18. these are some fab frames! =D


  19. Hi Jane,

    Sweet glasses and they really suit you.
    Firmoo also contacted me and must get back to them.
    Many thanks for visiting me and I am now following you -
    happy day

  20. What lovely specs! I had the same experience with another company.. I was pretty wary of ordering something I hadn't even physically tried on, but they turned out perfect for me! I hope you're feeling better.. some hot tea sounds pretty spot on with all this cold weather!

  21. You look so cute in them! I've been eying (no puns intended) a new pair of glasses but the ones I've seen in store or way too expensive and the ones online are more in my price range but I'm worried about my incorrect measurements for the the glasses so I've been putting off ordering any glasses online :(

  22. You are the cutest with the glasses! I wear glasses only for eye-tiring situations like long hours in front of the computer and such, but Dani is completely lost without his :) and we are always looking for places with nice ones. I love that you choose tortoise, love the retro touch of it, I also had a beloved pair of sunglasses (sadly stolen in my purse) in turtoise.

  23. You look awesome!!!! Very happy to hear that Piri is okay... Hope you guys kicked the cold! Yes to ginger tea! :)

  24. i am so, so gad that Piri is ok! and those glasses look perfect on you. x

  25. Those frames are very cool! I'm glad Piri is okay and hope you guys are feeling better.

  26. Those glasses look adorable on you!


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