January 15, 2014

when nostalgia came over me.

the other day, over a cup of tea, i got all nostalgic as i scrolled to the first picture on my instagram feed {taken december 17, 2010 - sorry folks, it's a shameless selfie). have you ever done this? it brought back so many memories for me that i had forgotten about.

... like the time when cupcakes became our thing for birthdays. 
... and our first dates in dc after moving to the dmv area from new york.  
... my old work space here and here. i have rearranged this space so many times.
... and traveling for work almost every month. i didn't like those so much.
... i was taking pictures of where i stand back then too. (and i would get to know the hashtag later)
... and our new apartment in maryland was so bare even after months of moving in. 
... and how i took my favorite bag everywhere. but where did this bag go? 
... our first time seeing fireworks over the southwest waterfront.
... and this moment. it's one of my favorites. 
... when cherry blossoms bloomed around our apartment and it was magical. 
... those hardwood floors were horrendous, but i would trade my current carpet in for it any day. 
... grant reports made me fall asleep and piri wanted his pillow back
... getting excited at the smell of spring
... and the time when piri flew (or became a crocodile.. depending on how you see it)
... and how he loved his window and always waited for us from there. 

i know from time to time we want to put away our phones and enjoy the moment without snapping away. but i look at all these pictures and the memories that comes back with them and i'm so glad i took it when i did. these are so precious to me. our move, our time in maryland -- we hated our apartment so much but these little moments were some of the best moments we had. and i look forward to more. 


  1. It can be very nice to look and old pictures :]

  2. Great photo recap! Love the cherry blossoms!

  3. Your teacup is beautiful, that helps enhance tea drinking experience. Nice photos, they tell good stories. Dont call that pic a "shameless" selfie. Everyone does it. As weird as it sounds, I take pics of myself and look back how I have changed over months or years. I enjoy reminiscing at old photos too and feel so glad I captured those moments.

  4. I know what you mean when people tell us to put away our phones, and be in the moment, but I can't help but pull mine out as well. I enjoy capturing the moment, that way I always have something to look back on and feel that exact pang of nostalgia. It's one of the best feelings, a mix between happiness and sadness but forever making us grateful for all those experiences in life. Lovely post Jane!

    p.s those cherry blossoms are stunning!

  5. I love looking back on almost all of my social media accounts, I swear if I didn't have them I would forget so many amazing moments!

    Great recap, and I had no idea there was a hashtag for where I stand! Imma gonna go check that one out now!


  6. This is actually a really lovely idea for a post, I wouldn't swap those photos for the world.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Sometimes sweet moments are just meant to be captured and it's really fun to revel in the memories from our old photos every now and then. I think I would forget many if I didn't have the pics.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. beautiful. i love looking back at old memories, especially those that i can recall with my girlfriends and have a good laugh with them :) x

  9. That's why I really love photography - capturing moments, cliched but true :)

  10. love this post! I was always anti-social media until I started Instagram :) It's such a great app to look back on memories and keep up with our friends!


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