February 19, 2014

15 wishes for piri.

in exactly one month, piri turns 15. i can't believe it. 

my childhood cocker spaniel, bobby, only got to live to be 7 years old. so when piri came into our lives, we wished that he would live a long and healthy life. right now he's in so much pain and the medications that he's on has zapped a lot of the playful energy out of him {although he gets up and wags his tail as fast and hard as he can when yangkyu comes home}, but we are hopeful that he'll be back to himself soon. we're rooting for him. and while he's on this road to recovery, we came up with a list of 15 wishes as we countdown to the day when we celebrate his 15th birthday, because there's going to be a wild party over here.

so piri.... get well soon, ok? 

1. to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in dc and take a pretty family photo. you were always fascinated by the pink snow. let's go again this year. with your blue shoes.

2. go and see the ocean one more time. the feeling of sand and smell of the ocean felt so good the last time, right piri? 

3. build a campfire and make smores. but since you can't have chocolate, we'll cook up some chicken instead. oh, that sounds so good doesn't it?  

4. go on a rowboat and take lots of pictures. i know you hate the camera.. but you'll let us take some more pictures of you, right? 

5. run, jump and catch a frisbee just like the german shepherd that comes to play in the grassy area in the back of our apartment.. even if it's only in your dreams. 

6. make more children giggle and smile with your snazzy blue shoes. there are so many more little kids to meet and make happy. 

7. one day, welcome together a little one into the family. you said you'd take the baby on adventures with you and russian dog. it sounds like so much fun. can we come along too?

8. figure out how to undo the ziplock bag to sneak in more treats. i know, those wellness duck flavored ones are so good. it just melts in your mouth. 

9. find out who has been the one peeing over your pee every morning at your favorite pole. you claimed it as yours when you first move here. and i swear we're one of the first human/dogs to be out! but there is that one dog who seems to beat us every time. 

10. negotiate with the squirrel in your dream.. because you only want to say hello, right? and not chase him and scare him? one day, piri, the squirrel'll know. 

11. conquer the human bed. 

12. conquer the human pillows. 

13. and the futon. 

14. be able to hear the squeak from your squeaky toy and when we say i love you and good boy. i know this is impossible.. but this is, after all, a wish list right? 

15. always know where to find that warm spot on your bed, on top of the bathroom rug and in our hearts. 

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  1. I'm rooting for Piri's health and life as well :c It's
    really saddening to read but I'm happy to see
    Piri living on while wagging his tail c;
    I think the 15 wishes are lovely Jane! Xx

  2. 15 yrs old is such a wise age & a pretty darn good life so far for a lovely dog like Piri. Each wish is wonderfully sweet, some touching & some funny :] Lots of get well wishes for Piri!!!

  3. Aw... so sweet! Sending her lots of get well wishes!

  4. wow, way to go piri! wish you another blissful year of life

  5. Haha what a cute post! Get better soon!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Piri, my wish for you is to get better.

  7. Piri please get well, you've made my day and my night since the first time I saw you here, I really want to see you smiling on your fifteenth birthday, I want to see you under the cherry blossom tree, I want to see you, Jane and Yangkyu together as a happy healthy family, I know you'll get better soon :)

  8. Thanks for popping by my bloggy today.
    Best wishes to Piri, hope he gets well soon xxx

  9. He looks REALLY REALLY good for his age, Jane. Thanks to a caring and loving mama like you. Happy Birthday to Piri and many more years to come as well as good health. Get well soon.

  10. This is so sweet! I agree...he looks good for his age. When my pugs were less than 1/3 his age they were already greying LOL

  11. Advanced happy bday, Piri. Hope he feels better soon.

  12. Get well soon Piri! Hope all these sweet wishes and many more will come true!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. Oh, sweet Piri!! Please get well soon!!! Yes, I love this list of things to do, you'll have so much fun! Happy early birthday!! xoxo

  14. This is such a sweet post. I hope Piri feels better soon! I think Wish #15 is mostly accomplished -- so many of us have come to love Piri, even if we haven't met him in person. He's definitely found his warm spot in our hearts.

  15. I hope Piri feels better soon!

  16. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and wishing Piri will recover soonest possible.

  17. Jane, you're an amazing dog mom and I hope to follow you, Piri, and Yangku throughout you and Piri's wishlist.

    Get well soon, Piri!

  18. This is such a sweet list. I hope Piri gets better very soon!

  19. this is so touching, i'm almost tearing up! i hope piri gets to accomplish everything on this list and more. you seem like a wonderful dog mom.


  20. i am crossing absolutely everything for Piri and keeping him in my thoughts. i so hope he gets his spark back very very soon xx

  21. this is so touching..I hope Piri gets well soon!

  22. Sending healing wishes for a quick recovery, for fun, for play, for treats!


  23. Get well soon, Piri! I follow you on Instagram too. My name there is @gooblythe. :-) It's normal for steroids to change a dog's personality. My last Cocker went through the same thing and drank a lot, etc. Just make sure he gets a lot of rest and maybe he needs his ears flushed? Your 15 wishes are wonderful. He's so lucky to have such a loving family! :-)

    1. we definitely flush his ears and he gets his drops as well. thanks so much for your suggestions and tips!

  24. Awwww, Piri is 15???!! I hope he recovers soon and that all these wishes come true! -Jess L

  25. Aw, what a sweet face! I can't believe he's 15! My puppy turns 14 in May and it breaks my heart to know that they get old so fast! If only dogs could live as long as cats do, or longer! Here's to Piri getting all of his wishes :)
    xo TJ


  26. This made me tear up...I'll keep you in my thoughts. Our pets are always so dear.

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  27. this is so moving, Jane. rooting for piri over here too <3

  28. Oh, Piri, how your family and we adore you! I wish all these things for you as well!!!!

  29. I know you'll be able to check off all these wishes! xo

  30. really beautiful wishes. hope they all come true. my two dogs live to 10. you are so blessed.

  31. Bless your hearts and bless sweet Piri too, let's hope you can make some of them a reality.

    Buckets & Spades

  32. I know he brightens up my day with those snazzy blue shoes so it's not only children :)

  33. This list is so sweet! :) Daily Piri pics in my Instagram feed make me smile, specially when I see his blue shoes ;p


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