February 20, 2014

random thoughts.

// i used to hate grapefruit. i would watch my mom eat it every morning and wondered why?? no.. it was actually how? how in the world was she able to swallow such sourness. i'm not sure if this is a "you will turn into your mother no matter how much you fight it", but now i find myself having whole grapefruits with my husband looking on the way i used to look at my mom. 

// did you know they have nose balms for dogs? i had no idea until we saw one while checking out at petsmart. it looks like chapstick, but it's for your dog's nose. it smells like lavender and piri keeps licking it off. so we don't know if it's the balm that's keeping his nose moist or his saliva. either way, dry dog nose problem solved...?

// i continue to find it incredibly weird seeing former olympians i grew up watching as a child are now coaches. it was like that with gymnastics when i found out that nastia liukin was the daughter of valeri liukin. i used to be a huge fan of his during the 1988 seoul olympics. i think he won the silver in the men's all around. oh and yuna kim's former coach was brian orser. you know the battle of the brians from the 1988 calgary games..? and do you guys remember viktor petrenko? he's a coach! i saw him yesterday on tv! as a coach! is anyone following me here or am i just crazy to remember past olympics a little too much? either i'm an olympics nut or just the oldest one here. 

// you really gotta look at it this way.. be thankful for the crappy people in your life. they really shape you into the person you don't want to become. 

// when i used to work as a community organizer in flushing, ny, i was leafleting in chinatown about this event to encourage people to go. youth are always reared as future leaders so when a group of teenagers walked by me, i gave them one of my flyers and encouraged them to come. one girl took it but it was obvious that she thought it was a waste of time. her friend then took the flyer from her, crumpled it in my face and threw it out in the trash. from that moment on, i always take a flyer from people who leaflet. even if it's the ones about psychic reading. or i just politely say "no thank you" with a smile.

// in the past, i've been blessed to work with really crappy managers who couldn't do a lot of stuff like delegate work properly, build teamwork and confidence, understand their team members and draw on their strengths and know when to just go with the flow. instead they did a lot of things like differentiate between "i" and "you", like "i" am above "you" and "you" follow my orders. i don't care if "you" know more than me because "i" am your boss so therefore "i" don't need your input. it was a little ridiculous. i vowed never to be like that. when i became a manager, i wanted to focus on our goals but also let people learn as they went to build their own experience and style. you know the whole nurturing but holding people accountable style? well, i also found that i was too afraid to hurt people's feelings, which didn't make me a good manager either. managing and supervising is hard and is quiet a balancing act. i don't think many people are qualified to do it, but i'm surprised at how many people hold that position. 

// when i think i don't have many people who are supportive, i find myself in the company of the most sweetest and loving group of people and wonder how i got so lucky. 

// yangkyu really thinks that we're going to win the lottery one day. every time he buys a ticket he asks what i want to do first if we won. i keep saying, "yangkyu, i hate to burst your bubble.. but we're not going to win the lottery. not today, not tomorrow, not ever." he always pouts and says "i'm not going to share the winnings with you."

// we had dinner with yangkyu's former colleagues while we were in new york not too long ago and had a fascinating conversation. while i was eager to work out to get ready for the summer, one of his colleagues said she was working out because she wants to be able to do what she wants to do when she was age 70. so she is working out consistently now to build muscle so she can be mobile when she is old. i just sat there and wowzement. 

// i love "it" {information technology} people. i think they have the best personalities. and i love hearing their programming lingo. i'm so clueless. and i think i'm part nerd.

// in the beginning of the year, i unfriended 80 people on facebook. those 80 friends were the result of a pressured "you must network" mentality that was forced on me. and so i became friends with people i met randomly - at a workshop, conference or a meeting. the network didn't really do anything for me so i just cut ties. and it felt so good. i believe in networking. when it's genuine and there is meaning.

tell me your random thought.
pretty please?


  1. Oh my I can not believe you knew people who actual went on to the Olympics. And 80 "friends" that it alot!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. oh oops! that does sound like i actually "grew up with them". haha. i meant "grow up with" meaning watching them! :)

  2. My husband thinks that we're definitely winning the lottery one day! Boy, I wish that happened!

  3. I love reading each of your random thoughts. I smiled at many of them and related to practically all of them. Thanks for sharing.

    I could probably list so many but my one random thought at the moment: I really love that I have started to feel adult lately. Sounds so weird but, I always cringed at the thought that I would have to be grown up. Call it the Peter Pan complex. But, in the last few years, I've feel like I've become more comfortable with myself. I may not have achieved everything I thought I would but the things I have in my life have given me value and given me appreciation for everything else. =)


  4. Hahaha....I'm the same as Yangku. We'll be the winners someday....:D
    And OMG! I felt the same when I saw Brian Orser coaching. I was like, "Dude, I remember when I was rooting for you." sigh....

  5. I loved reading these Jane! I had over 300 people on FB at one time. Now I'm down to 7. LOL Many were from high school that unfortunately acted the same way as adults. I cut them all loose. I enjoy pink grapefruit more than regular grapefruit. Sometimes I cheat though and add a little sweetener. I love juicing them though. One of my colleagues knew someone who had a grapefruit tree and gave me boxes of them. I squeezed for days! HaHaHa I didn't know there was nose balm for dogs. They are making everything! You NEVER know about the lottery! I guess I need to play to find out. HAHAHAHA

  6. My dad always eats grapefruit in the morning and as a child/teen, I was also puzzled. It's so sour! But now, I crave it every now and then. Some days though, I revert back to saying "No! It's too sour!". I guess I'm just a moody eater.

    Regarding your thoughts about managers and supervisors, I couldn't agree with you more! I read a book called "The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry" in which they describe some of the top-earners and CEOs as being psychotic (having a grandiose sense of themselves, having no sense of empathy, shallow emotions, etc.). I think a lot of superiors use the "fear tactic" to put themselves above others and put their subordinates in "their place". Luckily, I haven't had any direct supervisors that are like this...but I know plenty of the higher-ups that suffer from social intelligence & I wonder how they are able to successfully manage their team.

  7. great photo, jane! all that citrus looks so yummy!
    and brandon says the same to me about the lottery... he's not sharing with me! haha

  8. I enjoyed reading your post. I feel the same way about I.T. people that I even married one :). Leaflet giving is a tough task..I usually end up saying no thank you ...because someone else might benefit from tgat leaflet instead of wasting it and throwing it away in case I'm not interested.

  9. when i was a kid i didn't watch gymnastic like most kids do that day, apparently. i was soooo into F1.my dad and I watch it every weekend without fail.

  10. Omg, I'm the same way about leaflets since I used to do that in college. I'd usually just take one regardless of what it is. When we were in Vegas, i ended up w a bunch that were advertising strip joints, lol!
    So true abt the managers, some people have real talent for it and their employees just shine. Others are so bad, you just want to quit everyday. I've worked for both types, so when I became one i worked hard at it. I think I was ok since no one quit on me and theyre still talking to me to this day, but i didnt enjoy it, too stressful.
    I know what you mean abt the Olympic coaches. Glad Im not the only one. I mentioned this to hubby before abt Viktor, and hes like, huh?

  11. Haha, I hate grapefruit and I don't think it'll ever grow on me. No amount of sugar will change my opinion!

    I agree, some managers are awful, like the ones I have for my restaurant now. Everyday, I need to tell myself "this isn't the rest of your life, but this is the rest of theirs" just to get me through the shift. Some people power trip way too much! I don't think I'd be a good manager because I'm also too nice, but at least my employees wouldn't hate me with a fiery passion.

    DK and I also unfriend people every now and then from Facebook. I think a lot of people do it as they get older. I used to add everyone I met. Ha, back when the number of Facebook friends I had mattered.

  12. I don't eat grapefruit often, but when I do I sprinkle it with sugar. :) When I was in college I used to do telemarketing/fundraising for the university and it was not easy! I try to remember that when I'm on the receiving end of solicitation calls. <:D

  13. oh gosh the leaflet one broke my heart. I have had similar encounters with unncessarily mean new yorkers, it's really such a downer. I'm glad that you were able to turn it around into positive influence for your life.

  14. 1. omg. fellow grapefruit freak. once my supply runs out, i'm going to have a major breakdown.
    2. i unfriended one facebook friend recently. unfortunately he's a real friend, someone i see in real life, meet up, have lunch. i ended up friending him back. what to do?

  15. So true about the crappy people! I tried to unfriend people on FB before and got some crap about it so I just hide everyone I don't want to deal with now.

    My random thought: garlic frying in coconut oil smells really amazing!

    Btw I ordered my Firmoo glasses last weekend! Can't wait to get them. Thanks again!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. I think this is my favorite thing I took away from this post: "be thankful for the crappy people in your life. they really shape you into the person you don't want to become."

    It's SO true!! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    xo, B

  17. I love seeing my favourite athletes as coaches. I guess because I knew so many coaches through my figure skating club. It always seemed like such a cool thing to aspire to.

    And you're not alone in your thoughts on managers. There really needs to be a lot more training and support for the "managing" part of that job that not enough companies invest in.

    Also, Rick is just like Yangkyu with the lottery. He always gets so disappointed when I rain all over his pipe dream.

  18. I like grapefruit, but only if it has a little sugar sprinkled on top!

  19. aww that's sweet about the lottery! I would be a horrible manager, I'm definitely not assertive enough for that role, I agree it definitely takes a special type of person


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