February 14, 2014

woot! it's the weekend + links.

happy friday! happy weekend!

oh and since's it's valentine's day today, i thought i'd bring back this video again. it really has nothing to do with the holiday actually. just the song. it's valentine by kina grannis. have you heard of it? it's a great song. and she's actually really awesome too. and i love this video. it's nothing fancy and probably very poorly made, but it's the first one i made when i got my canon 7d. 

anyway, do you have anything planned today or for the weekend? 

we're just going to stay in and maybe watch a movie. we're not too big on this holiday. i like seeing all the hearts, but the whole chocolates, roses, gifts and fancy dinner out really isn't our thing. over the weekend we may trek out to dc to check out the national geographic museum, but it may snow again on saturday! oy. so we'll see about that one. but yangkyu has the day off on monday {presidents day} so we get to enjoy a nice 3-day weekend together.

whatever you are doing today and over the weekend, hope it's a good one! here are some links that i hope you'll enjoy! 

 // cats and dogs who hate kisses. so hilariously cute and funny.

 // the cutest hedgehog you'll find on instagram. {book lovers, don't you love his name?}

 // i want me and my bff and to be like irene and alice when we're 100. 

 // the science behind a happy relationship. 

 // vintage dooney

 // please get in my kitchen!  

 // travel with npr reporters as they cover the olympics in sochi. 

 // this girl kinda really blew me away with her ted talk. 

 // the perfect piece to any {dog lover's} outfit. 

 // pretty hat {get in my closet!}


  1. I agree with you, I love all the hearts and lovey dovey vibe, but the chocolates and roses business is too much. have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Love that hat and the 100 year old bffs! Too cute! Happy Vday!

  3. I am not big on this day either and the thought of going out to a dinner at a crowded restaurant is unpleasant. Unlike my husband, he cares about today more than I do. I told my husband in the past two years, no need to send flowers (I am a hopeless romantic). I plan to bake some blackberry pie for him though. Have a great weekend.

  4. haha that video of cats and dogs who hate kisses, my cats do put their paws on my mouth whenever I tried to kiss them :)

    happy valentines and have a wonderful weekend too! x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. That video will never get old:) <3
    Happy Valentine's Day, Jane.

  6. Such a cute video! That Siracha sounds amazing. We'll be pulling out our grill for some K-bbq this weekend. Nothing says I love you like grilling meat :) Happy weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Such great links, Jane!! And happy Valentine's day - I'm SO with you about this holiday...I prefer a nice quiet evening at home - besides, its crazy everywhere else (esp here in NYC) - hope you have a nice, relaxing one and have a great weekend!! xoxo

  8. Gosh where do I begin? :D I love going through all of ur links b4 the wkend but these batch have got to be the best! The Cats & Dogs who hate kisses were hilarious, reminded me of us people who also don't want to be disturbed at times haha. And that hedgehog + the name are adorable!! As for the brilliant speaker for Ted Talk, it was quite empowering & YES children are really our future leaders~ Lastly, the 2 bffs gave me a good laugh to last throughout my wkend ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. great video! i love the part when Piri is wiggling his butt as he's excited to greet your hubby. so cute. we don't really celebrate valentine's on a grand scale either -- everyday is valentine's right (i know it's cheesy!)? we get take-out from our favorite italian place and watch movies at home every year for valentine's & i like it that way. have a lovely weekend, and happy love day!

  10. Ohh I'm saving that Ted talk for later - love watching them! This video is adorable and of course so is Piri. Love the song too! Happy Valentine's day Jane! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  11. Loved the cats & dogs who hate kisses video. Gatsby loves getting kisses from us, while Kala, the attention monger, can't stand them. We love to try to kiss her just to watch her pull her head back in disgust.

  12. I do not have strong feelings about the holiday one way or the other, but I can see how some people would not like it to much. And the song is awesome I had not heard it of the artist before. And oh boy Piri has plenty of toys to choose from.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  13. Happy weekend to you guys. I'm off to London for a few days on Sunday, will be checking through links tomorrow.

    Buckets & Spades

  14. That link with the dogs and cats who don't like kisses is so funny. I particularly like the dog baring it's teeth haha. I make my dog and mouse put up with kisses, it's their obligation after all I do for them. Have a great three day weekend! sparkle2day.com

  15. The wiggly butt gave me a giggle.... haha! Bosco is the exact same way! I love when he gets all excited and it wiggles like crazy!

  16. The cats & dogs who hate kisses video, it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long while! Juno hates kisses as well (I like to think it's pretty common, it is, isn't it?), but we usually try to kiss her and have fun making her angry (we even prepare 'kiss-traps', hahaha). Happy weekend to you too guys! ;) btw, Ernest Hedgingway, lol!

  17. I enjoy Kina Grannis' songs. It's nice to hear this one again and your videos are always a ray of sunshine. Have a lovely weekend!

  18. I went out to dinner and had a great time. Hope you're having an amazing weekend. Love your video! Too cute!

  19. I like that song! I've follwed Kina on Youtube since she was JUST starting out lol

  20. Awesome links (seriously) - and I love the video!!!

    PS- I want that hat!

  21. Now I want a hedgehog as a pet! Too cute.


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