March 19, 2015

Sweet 16

Today is Piri's 16th birthday!

All day we have been reading so many wonderful messages sent from people all over the world on Instagram. We're completely blown away by the kindness people have shown us. 

Earlier, Yangkyu, Piri and I went on a few errands - and also a walk-in vet visit {I know! I'm terrible for taking him in on his birthday} - and I told anyone who gave 2 seconds of their time to Piri that it was his 16th birthday. Yangkyu laughed and said I just solidified my crazy dog lady status by doing this. I think so too. I think I deserve a badge {wink wink}. But you know, with everything that Piri has been going through, I just wanted the whole world to know that he's still got it at 16 years young.

So, happy happy birthday, Piri! Here's to many more days of cocker spaniel shenanigans!

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