April 14, 2015

A Girl and Her Dogs: Emily + Kokoro + Chibi

Hello! We have yet another great feature for our monthly A Girl and Her Dog series. Today we're getting to know all about Emily and her two dogs Kokoro and Chibi from St. Louis, Missouri. 

When I first met Emily on Instagram, one of the first things that really caught my eye was her beautiful photographs {and you'll know what I mean once you scroll down and when you hop on over to her feed - wow!} that showed her pups in the most whimsical, adventurous and loving way. But beyond the images is an even more beautiful concept that there really are no limitations when it comes to spending quality time with your pups - from something as simple as cuddling an extra few minutes under the covers or playing at the playground to a slightly more exciting venture like exploring new cities together, Emily, Kokoro and Chibi show us that the dog and human combination go together like a wink and a smile, salt and pepper or better yet like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

Moreover, Emily's love for her favorite things - dogs and photography - has given her quite an adventure too! From Michigan to Missouri where life became even more about dogs and the great community of humans who love them.

Here is all about Emily, Kokoro and Chibi.

The Girl: Emily Wang

The Dogs: Kokoro {American Eskimo Dog}, Chibi {Pembroke Welsh Corgi}

Emily's favorite snack: Chicago Style Popcorn!

Kokoro + Chibi's favorite snack: Natural chews like cow trachea, pig ears, bully sticks

From: St. Louis, MO

Find them on Instagram: @emwng
I've always been an adorer of animals. As a kid, I begged for years for a dog, but with no luck. Finally, a couple summers ago, my boyfriend and I decided to adopt a pup. We looked long and hard for either an Eskie, Corgi, or Shiba Inu, and fell immediately in love with Kokoro when we met her. She was so sweet and playful with the perfect personality we were looking for. We adopted her in August 2013.

Kokoro is an extremely smart and active pup, and needs to get her energy out every day. We thought it'd be nice to bring in a second pup so they can keep each other company and always have a playmate. Chibi came home to us in July 2014.

We named our dogs with rather unique names, and people always ask where their names came from. Kokoro (心) translates approximately to "soul" in Japanese, and we named her that because she really has so much soul and personality. Anyone who has met her can immediately see this special spark she has about her. That character is also a part of my Chinese name, so it held special meaning to me already. We named Chibi after a Japanese word too, it means "short one" or "little runt," which we thought fit perfectly for a corgi with short legs. 

I joined Instagram just like any other regular person to post ordinary photos. Once upon a time my feed was filled with photos of food I ate, watercolor paintings and designs I made, and general photos from my life. After we brought Kokoro home, the puppy photos started to take over my feed. Joining the dog community on Instagram inspired me to work on this new creative outlet of pet photography. My follower base grew as time grew and as I became more active within the Instagram community, and it was pretty encouraging for me to continue working on my photography, editing, and creativity. 

About half a year ago, my life took a huge change thanks to the role of my dogs in my life. I had just graduated in May of 2014 from the University of Michigan and started working at an ad agency when Nestle Purina recruited me to join their social media team. The opportunity came to me as a result of the community that I had built and photography work I did with my pups. So now my pups and I have relocated to St. Louis and I get to bring them with me to work every day and work on the two things I love most! Good design in social and dogs. :) 

I've always heard people say that having a dog has changed their lives so much, and never understood what that meant. Now, having raised two puppies and gone through so much with my dogs, I completely get that. Dogs are so pure and full of personality, each one so different but also so down to earth. They bring out the best in us, and they teach us so many things. No matter how I'm feeling or what I'm doing, my dogs can always bring a smile to my face.

Thank you Emily + Kokoro + Chibi!
You can see more of the life they share on Instagram at @emwng

Images via Emily 

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