April 21, 2015

Blogger Profiles: Yasumi of Worshipblues

I like to think I was born fearless and wild and I get upset with myself when I do not live up to these qualities. I think life in UK has done something to make me more fearful, or perhaps it is age. When I was a child growing up in Kenya I grew up quite wild and was allowed many freedoms to roam and explore from very young. Because of this,  I saw many things that are hidden away from children these days especially in UK. Like animals making a kill. The blood would turn the grass red and stain their faces but that would not scare or repel me. I understood from young that the ways of life and survival are harsh. I once came across a man slaughtering a goat in our local market and my mother shrugged and told me that that is where our meat was coming from that evening. That night I ate my barbequed meat and I quietly thanked the goat. I thought the best way that I could respect the goat was to eat every little bit of meat that my father gave me because wasting it would be wrong. He understood and told me that I must do the same with my rice to show respect for the Japanese farmers who give up their backs to provide good rice for us. Up till this day, I cannot waste food. Yet here in London, I see mountains of food going to waste. It is hard for me to understand the thinking behind it.

London, UK

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