April 24, 2015

Facebook Facebook!

Yes, that's two facebooks in the title for ya because we just created two pages - one for Piri the Cocker Spaniel and the other for Piri's Place

I never really thought about getting Facebook pages for anything - Piri, the blog or Piri's Place - but ended up creating them on a whim yesterday. Both pages are still bare bones and I am trying to figure out the best way to share content - on the one hand many who have already liked the pages are already following on Instagram or are personal friends on Facebook, and so I am trying not to put up the same pictures and recycle content, but I am also thinking about the potential of getting followers who may not be connected to me in any other way but Facebook and wonder how to balance everything out. Ah dilemma dilemma!

How do you guys use different social media accounts? Do they attract a different following? Or the same? Do you use them to support your blog?

All my social media accounts - blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter - have different followings because they were all created at different times and not necessarily to help promote the blog. First came Twitter in 2009, which I used mainly for news, social issues and work, then Instagram in 2010 where it was predominantly all things Piri and dogs, then the blog about our life in 2012 and Pinterest in maybe 2013 or 2014? My Instagram community is not necessary interested in my blog and vice versa. Human behavior on social media is all very fascinating to me but also so tricky. I'm sure we'll figure out something somehow someway. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to come on over and say hello you can find us here {Piri the Cocker Spaniel} and here {Piri's Place}

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