April 16, 2015


Today marks 1 year since the Sewol Ferry tragedy where more than 300 people died, most of them students from Danwon High School. When the disaster happened I followed the news 24/7 and tried to get updated as much as I can. But then slowly but surely, life went on for me.

I had a moment today realizing that for an entire year when my life went on, families were still grieving and fighting for answers. There have been supporters too who have never left their side.

Unfortunately it looks as though there hasn't been much progress with anything. People are still angry and rightly so. 

There are images of rallies, vigils and marches in Korea being shared on social media, along with yellow ribbons, with the hashtag #remember416. There are also ongoing efforts to get answers for the families - mostly organized in Korea, but also in different countries and online. While the families grieve and fight, I hope everyone who remembers this day also grieves and fights along with them.

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