April 27, 2015

Vegan Cuts: April Box

I extended my subscription to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box for another three months so I will be receiving one every month until June. 

I think I am most excited about three of the six items that came in April's Vegan Cuts box; the sunscreen, sea salt hair spray and insect repellent. I am thinking this is probably because it's getting me excited for summer! 

Here's a detailed look at all the items:

 + Emani : This is a lip shine made with organic fruit extracts and oils. Mine came in a blush color. I don't usually wear lip shines and my mom doesn't either {in my last post I said I would share some items in the next three-months supply of Vegan Cuts with her}. I think I will keep it inside its packaging and perhaps give it with a girlfriend if they are interested in giving it a try. I don't want to keep opening things and end up using it only once and then throw it away months down the line.

+ Goddess Garden : An organic sunscreen that is kind to your skin and the environment! We have actually been using sun block from Alba for the past couple of years but it's always good to find what else is out there. We'll be spending a lot of time out back in the garden so I am certain this will come to good use. 

 + Petal Fresh : Last month I received the Petal Fresh shampoo and now this time I received the conditioner. I think I will actually send this to my mom for her to try. I was skyping with her a couple of weeks ago and we were both talking about different methods we use to take care of our hair now. I told her about my apple cider vinegar experience and she said she uses beer to help with adding volume, especially at the roots. My mom is totally into organic natural things and even cut meat out of her diet a few years ago. She doesn't take medicine and tries to solve all her health ailments naturally. I think this will be a good addition to her overall organic natural way of life. 

 + Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Hair Spray : This is supposed to add texture and also moisturize your hair. I actually have "A Breath of Fresh Air" facial spray from LUSH that also smells like the sea. I was super excited to try this product but now I am thinking maybe perhaps I should also send this to my mom as well since my current facial spray can also be sprayed on hair. I think she would appreciate it just as much as me. 

 + Wellinhand Action Remedies : This is a vanilla rosemary scented insect repellent. It's 100% natural and DEET-Free and is used to repel bed bugs, flying bugs and ticks. It says it's recommended for the beach, the ranch, the kennel, the deck, the barn and outdoor construction sites. I can't wait to try this out. Yangkyu and I have already planned out what flowers and herbs to plant to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away {marigolds, lavender, lemongrass, you name it!} so we are all for adding more natural ways to keep bugs away this summer.

+ Pacifica BB Cream : The only other BB Cream I tried was from The Body Shop and unfortunately I broke out in bumps and hives! I am crossing my fingers that this one will be kinder to my skin.

As always, if you're interested, you can sign up to receive your Vegan Cuts Beauty Products here! {There is also a Vegan Cuts Snack box as well}

 // I paid for Vegan Cuts on my own, but this post contains affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you sign up for the service through the links. All opinions are my own.

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