May 27, 2015

A Girl and Her Bird: Valérie + Cracker


For this month's A Girl and Her Dog feature we have a special guest! They are Valérie and Cracker {who also goes by "C"} from Singapore {via Switzerland}. And C is actually not a dog but an adorable peach-faced lovebird who caught my eye and heart on Instagram many many months ago.

From their feed you can see that Valérie and C share a special companionship -- from working together, opening letters, sharing fruits to even helping his human get ready for Pilates, there is nothing these two don't do as a pair.

Valérie and C have also been such thoughtful friends to Piri {here and here} and we are so very thankful for their kindness.

For this series this year I wanted to include women whose companions might be pets that are other than dogs and we are glad to have this duo here to kick things off for us.

Here is all about Valérie and C.

The Girl: Valérie   
The Bird: My son chose to name him Cracker but we usually call him C or little C. He is a peach-faced lovebird.  
Valérie's favorite snack: Fruits and dark chocolate 
C's favorite snack: Fruits with a passion for figs 
From: Switzerland but currently residing in Singapore 
Find them on Instagram: @valerie_cracker

I have always loved animals. Growing up we had a rabbit, dogs, a rescued cat, and even rescued parakeets. I considered myself mostly a dog person until C came into my life and taught me that even a tiny bird {he weighs 42 grams!} can become the most devoted companion. A.A. Milne's quote "Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most space in your heart." sums up my relationship with little C. He is my daily source of joy, a little clown who plays for hours at a time, he likes to dance on my shoulder and loves to snuggle and to receive kisses. Little C is very social and enjoys to participate in all my activities such cooking, reading, teaching French {my pupils adore him}, and even showering! I am deeply grateful to have C in my life. I love him so very much. 

Thank you Valérie  + C!
You can see more of the life they share on Instagram at @valerie_cracker

Images via Valérie 

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