May 28, 2015

Hello DC!

Man. That view never gets old for us. 

We used one of our off days last week to trek out to DC and spend the day there with Piri. We took out his red stroller and set out for the Lincoln Memorial. We walked and talked and enjoyed each other's company and appreciated this wonderful moment presented to us - being able to take off to spend time with our dog and enjoying the pedestrian culture and incredible views that DC has to offer. 

Before moving to this area, both Yangkyu and I came to DC many times for work related reasons. We never really had the chance to sightsee (8th grade field trip doesn't count) and so we took three days after our wedding to come here and visit as many memorials, monuments and museums we could. I know I mentioned this before, but we still pinch ourselves because it's sometimes still hard to believe that we actually live around here {5 years and counting!}. 

We've been to the Lincoln Memorial before but this is our first time with Piri. We read that dogs are allowed up to where the steps are, but not inside the memorial. That was good enough for us! Afterwards we walked down the Reflecting Pool, passed the Washington Monument before heading back to our car to head over to Adams Morgan to get some our of favorite popsicles at Pleasant Pops {Strawberry Ginger Lemonade is delicious and they have pops for dogs, too!} We then headed to Hana Market to grab some Japanese snacks for the car ride west into Virginia to visit the Old Lucketts Store for some vintage fun before calling it a day. 

One of the reasons why this day was such an enjoyable one was because of Piri's stroller. It has been such a great investment. Piri spent time inside the stroller and out and we all got to have a nice slow walk together. There was no worrying whether Piri was having a hard time and calling it a day earlier than expected because his legs gave out. A few folks did glance at us weirdly, something I worried over too much, but really we were too busy enjoying our time to notice or to get hung up on it. Plus there were more people who sent warm smiles our way. 

Oh we can't wait to make another drive out to DC and spend an afternoon there to just walk, talk, make random stops for snacks, food, drinks and pictures. 

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