May 22, 2015

Hello! How are you?

I had nonstop DogVacay guests since end of April and on Sunday the last of our guests from this wave left. So on Sunday morning, when it was just us and Hiro, our friend's Shiba Inu, we headed over to our other friends' house to celebrate their Westie, Mini's birthday and to relax. There we all let loose a little. Piri too. He was running around and eating all the good foods - sweet potatoes, watermelon, tiny pieces of pizza crust and some new treats I picked up for him. 

Both Yangkyu and I also took the following three days off and we were out and about shopping and visiting places all around Washington D.C. and Virginia. It felt great to be out and enjoying time off.

Thursday meant back to the grind -- I spent the entire day cleaning our house, scrubbing, vacuuming, doing the laundry and dusting, to welcome yet another wave of DogVacay guests. They began coming yesterday and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of this month on to June. 

These sets of photos were taken at our friends house on Sunday. As always, they gave us some wonderful greens from their garden. Also, half of the perilla leaves seeds we sowed didn't make it and so they gave us some of theirs to transplant right into our garden.

We have a long weekend here -- Memorial Day weekend. I hope to spend some time catching up. Boy do I have a whole lot of catching up, but I'll get there. 

Hope you've been well. Have a beautiful weekend. 

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