May 15, 2015

Making: Apple Cozies, Knitted + Crocheted

I found this cute knit apple cozy pattern on Ravelry {also here} and decided to give it a go. It was my first time learning how to knit an I-cord and sewing in a button as well. This was knitted on double pointed needles where you increase as you knit and I have to tell you, I think I must've re-started a million times because I am still getting used to working with thinner yarn, double pointed needles and just knitting in general. 

This is a crochet version of an apple cozy, a pattern that I also found on Ravelry {also here}. I seem to screw up less crocheting but for some reason I prefer knitting rather than crocheting, although I have to admit crocheting has its own little thrills {yes! playing with yarn can be thrilling! Ha!} I'm not sure if I worked the leaves right but I went with them anyway. They do make for a nice little decoration. 

You can make the darndest things with knitting and crocheting. Right now I'm trying desperately to find the right patterns and time to make some amigurumi dolls. I have some folks I have been meaning to thank for a while and thought that sending handmade items would be the best bet.  

What have you been making lately? 

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