May 13, 2015

Natty, Spootie + Rain

This is Natty, she is 1/2 Wheaten, 1/4 Cavalier King Charles, 1/4 Cairn. She is called a Wheatin and they are internationally bred this way. Natty's name comes from the Washington Nationals, our baseball team, and she was an extremely well behaved and trained 2.5 year old pup. One of our favorite things to do with her was ask her to give us high fives. That made us instantly smile. Natty also liked to cuddle with us and I think she thought our legs and tummies made for great pillows. At one point she laid vertically along the entire length of my legs. I say that takes balance and skill. Natty also liked to people watch. I think she utilized the access of all the windows in our house to get the best possible views.

Natty belongs to a super loving family. I had a chance to meet them during our meet and greet and it was nice to see that Natty is living her life in such a great environment. Oh and her coat. Such beautiful patterns, like a tiger, and her fur was velvety soft.

Spootie was back again! This girl is certainly racking up her happy stay points here at Piri's Place. This time Spootie came when DC's cherry blossoms were at peak bloom. Yangkyu and I have gone every year to view them and so with the permission of Spootie's humans we trekked out with both Spootie and Piri and enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the Tidal Basin. There, Spootie just needed to say hello to everyone. It was hard work to make sure that no person left without her showering them with her wags and smiles and by the time we were in the car to head back home she was all knackered. Spootie is definitely a regular here. Oh and she just got herself a younger brother! A boy Cocker Spaniel named Clover. They share the same mother so they really are brother and sister. He will join her family in a couple of months. What a lucky girl she is!

This is Rain. She is an Australian Shepherd mix and is maybe four of five years old. She is a complete sweetheart and my husband and I loved singing her name and giving her kisses on her forehead. Rain was definitely my girl though. She loved to cuddle with me and would get all on top of me like a big baby and fall asleep. I absolutely loved that about her. A girl's girl. The kind of girlfriend who always has your back. That was Rain. Her human adopted her about a year ago and I am so glad that she found a loving home with him. I kept wondering what her story was. Why and how did she ended up at the shelter and what it must have been like for her.  And it's heartbreaking to know that there many more Rains in shelters across the country just waiting for that second chance. 

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