June 22, 2015

A birthday and Father's Day

On Saturday we celebrated Yangkyu's 36th birthday. It was actually a really hectic morning but somehow I was able to put up little decorations {ok it was one small banner and a couple of sorry looking streamers} and tied a yellow bow around Piri's neck and called him downstairs for a happy birthday cheer. 

I had intended to make him a really hearty breakfast meal but after taking care of all the dogs {5 at the time!} and fighting with the streamers, my energy was spent. Instead we settled for some take out {and thank goodness for take out}. 

Adding on to my miserable fails in not being prepared to celebrate Yangkyu's birthday was the fact that I didn't even buy a cake for him. But our friends came to the rescue when they dropped by with double chocolate cake and balloons! I think I might's have seen angel wings on them because they looked more like angels than friends to me at that moment {hallelujah!}. 

One final fail came when I could not, for the life of me, find the bajillion birthday candles I had bought throughout the years for occasions just like this and instead relied on jar candles {#fail #fail #fail} for him to blow out. 

I am notorious for giving Yangkyu the worst birthdays but man I think this year just topped it. But what is so great about this guy is that he was all smiles throughout. 

Someone asked me a long time ago what I liked most about Yangkyu and I said he always makes me laugh. She rolled her eyes and said how that was so boring and typical and that should never be the best thing to like about a guy. It should be given. So for a while I stopped staying Yangkyu making me laugh was the best thing I liked about him because I got so self conscious, but then realized, hey, um.. but that really is the best thing I like about him! He makes me laugh in an intended and unintended way {unintended like when he laughs at really weird, dumb and odd things that I don't find amusing at all but I still end up laughing because seeing him laugh in that uncontrollable goofy way is so contagious}. 

After he blew out the miserable looking candles, I asked what he wished for and he didn't tell me. Of course. If you tell someone your wish it won't come true. Then after taking a bite out of his cake he said he wished to win the lottery. Well that's just sealed the deal for us. Now we are never going to win the lottery!

The following day we didn't really celebrate Father's Day I but made a little shout out. 

You know actually when it's just me, Yangkyu and Piri, we don't say that we are Piri's mom and dad. I say I'm his nuna {older sister} and Yangkyu is his hyung-ah {older brother - I know this probably sounds really incestuous but please read on}. 

See, my brother got Piri for my mom, and my parents took care of Piri for the first 7 years of his life. Those glorious years were spent in Atlanta, GA. Then my sister in law got pregnant {she is not a dog person and didn't want to have dogs after she and my brother married but they eventually settled on a deal that once she got pregnant Piri would be re-homed} and my parents were splitting their time between Korea and the U.S. {they have since resettled back in Korea for good}, and so Piri came to live with me in New York. I didn't want to take the "mom" title away from my mom and since he was being re-homed within the family I stuck to the title of being his older sister. I was dating Yangkyu at the time and to make things easier he became Piri's older brother or "hyung-ah" because you know Korean honorifics can be used outside of immediate family members {among friends, colleagues, etc.}.

After Yangkyu and I got married, we all ended up taking up Yangkyu's last name and to people outside and folks who don't know Korean we ended up saying we are Piri's mom and dad {or that we're his human} but when it is just us, I'm his nuna and Yangkyu is his hyung-ah {"hyung" by the way is older brother and "ah" is just.. how do I explain.. a cute attachment to the honorific that little kids use.} 

But even with all this confusing relationship status we have going on here, I still thought Yangkyu deserved a pet papa shout out. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here's to a productive week! 

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