June 23, 2015

A Girl and Her Dog: Sara + Bailey

We have a fantastic duo from California for this month's A Girl and Her Dog series. Sara and Bailey are from San Diego, and their story is one of rescue and truest of true love. If you read their story you will know that they were meant to be together from the beginning despite not having the best timing and having to get over some difficult hurdles. But I'll let Bailey tell you that story. {yes! Bailey, not Sara, is the one sharing the story here!} Before I let her takeover though, let me just give you a glimpse of how adorable this girl is. 

See here


And here. {I mean, can you Vogue like that?}

Sara's wonderful pictures and Bailey's adoring and funny captions of their daily moments together is heartwarming and adds that extra smile to my day. They also didn't let their happily ever after end with them - they foster dogs so that they may also find a place to hang their leash with their forever family {you can see some of Bailey's past foster siblings here}. These two are truly amazing. 

Here is all about Sara and Bailey. 

The Girl: Sara 
The Dog: Bailey. She is some mystery mix of Bichon/Poodle/Coton Breeds. She's a mix of love. 
Sara's favorite snack/drink: I am actually obsessed with affogatos (espresso poured over gelato!) and watermelon juice! Not at the same time though. ;) 
Bailey's favorite snack: Bailey is insanely addicted to Polka Dog Bakery's Cod Fish Skins! I have some stashed in my nightstand and she will sit and stare and stare at it until I come over and give her some.  
From: San Diego, CA 
Find them on Instagram: @darlingbailey

The story about you and your dog human: 

Hi I'm Bailey! I begged mom to let me tell you our story. So in true Instagram style, here it goes! 

I was almost three months old when we first met. My foster mom brought me to my (soon to be) new home and I worked hard to be devastatingly adorable for them. At the time, my mom and dad were looking for just the right pup! And at 4lbs and 6oz of fluffy joy - they knew I was the one! 

Mom first saw my picture on Second Chance Dog Rescue's Facebook a month earlier. It was love at first sight, but it was also too late! I had been quickly adopted by another family. Unfortunately, I was quickly returned to SCDR because I had come down with the deadly virus, Parvo. Soon after, the rescue found both my sisters also had the virus and sadly the smallest one didn't survive. Things were just not going my way. Where are you forever family?!!

A month later when the doctor cleared me, the rescue put me back on their website. Even though I made a full recovery, all of the sudden interested families were scared of my Parvo history. Well one late night while surfing the Internet for adoptable puppies, mom saw me again! She thought it was a mistake because she knew I had already been adopted! She immediately emailed them and then fell asleep. The next morning, my foster called her and asked if she was ok with my medical history. Of course mom said yes! And jumped at the chance to welcome my little bouncing butt of fluffy happiness into their lives! 

Before I went to her house, I had an appointment with another family to meet before my mom's turn with me, but they canceled because of my Parvo history - again! Well it worked out for the best because I was then taken to my mom's house so we could meet and I never left!! Imagine me, the cutest little ball of fluff, on my best behavior, being all cute and adorable. There was no way they could resist me! My mom said if she let me go back to my foster's to think about adopting me, she would have lost me forever and she was not about to let that happen. Again!! I was the perfect fit for them. The missing puzzle piece. 

Now I wake mom and dad up every morning and show them my appreciation for loving me by pouncing all over them and covering them with kisses. They must save a lot of money from my massages and facials of love! Parvo didn't affect me one bit! We do everything together! We go to the beach, go to the park, go shopping, explore San Diego, meet lots of Instagram doggie friends, and so much more. I even keep a diary of all the places they take me. 

Ok, I got to go. Mom just opened the pantry and I smell fish sticks! Thanks for reading our forever and ever story!! 



Thank you Bailey and Sara!
You can see more of the life they share on Instagram at @darlingbailey.

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