June 9, 2015

Making: Granny Square Step Stool Cover

While I am still struggling to finish that big ole granny square blanket I started a bajillion years ago {ok.. maybe not that long ago but it feels like it!}, I took a little blanket break to make a cover for our step stool. 

I made tiny granny squares - only three rounds - using this basic pattern - using a size E crochet hook. Unfortunately I don't remember which yarn I used, they were ones picked up at my local yarn store. 

I chose colorful yarn just because I love a pop of color now and then. The border is done in a creamy white. I like the balance. I don't have a pattern for the border. I eyeballed it {always a bad idea in hindsight but at the time I feel like I can make it work} - using double crochets all around and in the first round I did two double crochets in the corners. Then for rounds two, three and four, I decreased every 5 stitches. Even so the cover is still a bit loose but that's ok.

My stitches are also a bit messy. I feel like I say this every time I share a crochet project. I was messing up on the border because I was going off on a feel and then that right corner granny square started to unravel  and the one below that started looking a bit funky and then I just lost my patience altogether and plowed through. Sigh. But I'm always trying to remember to crochet slower and neater. I need to find an art print that says that. 

Now on to that blanket of mine...

What are you making {or dreaming of making}? 

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