June 10, 2015

My Old Man Piri

Well it was a tough night for Piri. 

For the past two days, Piri has not been happy with his k/d food. He has been resisting yet still he's taken food from my hand and have eaten it. Yesterday's lunch time was a bit more of a struggle but in the end the little pieces of asparagus got him going and he ended up finish his food. Dinner was another story. He ate just a few pieces and then he stopped altogether. He pulled out all the stops, even bringing back his odd behavior of "burying his food" with the piece of dish cloth I had laid under his dish. He moved his head back and forth until almost all his food was covered and then he tried to pull the dish cloth from under the dish. 

I remember reading somewhere that little pieces of pasta was ok to give to dogs with kidney disease. I boiled some and gave them to him. He ate it up. I was relieved that he got something in his stomach. I gave him his blood pressure medicine and his joint supplement. We went to bed. 

At 12 am and then at 3 am, Piri asked to be let out. He needed to relieve himself. He strained but eventually got it out of his system. I think he had an upset stomach. He didn't want to go back upstairs with us after his second outing and I didn't nudge him to since I know it's harder for him to go up and down the stairs. He has a bed in the kitchen and also a couple of mats he likes to sleep on. And so I let him be. 

At 4 am I heard gagging sounds coming from the kitchen and I saw that he threw up twice. Little pieces of pasta I had given him and a bunch of his k/d food. I felt horrible. I wonder if I gave him too much broccoli or asparagus. Or if the pasta did not sit well with him. Or if it's the k/d food he's been forcing himself to eat.

I carried him up the stairs this time and put him on his bed next to us. He fell asleep shaking. I stayed up looking up all sorts of things on the Internet that got me nervous and anxious and terribly sad and helpless. I woke up this morning to find him in the bathroom shaking like a leaf.  

Since yesterday Piri has been lethargic, tired and very emotionless. I am not sure what to feed him today - in the past when he wasn't feeling well, we gave him some boiled chicken and rice but Piri can't have chicken anymore. I'm trying to rack my brain to get something soothing inside his tummy and I have no idea. 

I ordered new food for him. It's from Just Food for Dogs and it's homemade food. I got the vet supported renal support low protein food for Piri and it's due get here on Friday. Until then I was trying to get him to eat. But now I'm afraid to give him anything. 

I'm babbling here. I think I just need someone to listen. I already told this story to Yangkyu. But it somehow makes me feel better to repeat the story to others and just say it again and again. I say Piri's burying behavior is odd. I guess I'm not far from being odd either. 

Please keep Piri in your thoughts. This may just be a one time thing where he had an upset stomach, but I can't help being afraid that this is his kidney disease getting progressively worse.

I'm hoping it's not. 

Today we're taking a short one day break from Piri's Place-DogVacay. Yangkyu also took off from work and so we're planning on taking it slow, maybe going for a car ride, which Piri loves and getting some sun. All the while we'll be trying our hardest to nurse Piri back to himself.

PS -- We were at the vet not too long ago and his vitals and kidney levels were all reading ok. We are dropping off a urine sample this morning. You won't believe how proud I was for being able to catch his pee inside that tiny plastic cup. Let's hope his creatinine and BUN levels are ok.

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