June 18, 2015

On the mends

Has it really been 8 days since Piri began showing signs of being sick? 

8 days since I've been on this space? 

The good news is that it looks like Piri is finally on the mends. Two days ago he received strong antibiotic shots to fight off what looks like was an infection in his stomach that he just couldn't fight off. As of this morning, he still doesn't really have an appetite but he is walking better although he prefers to lie down and sleep most of the time. But his eyes, oh his expressive eyes are back and he looks alert and peeks over at us when we are walking around. 

I can't tell you how many times this past week my heart dropped to the floor and then was uplifted with hope. I can't begin to tell you when I saw the life just literally escape him. I can't recount all the times I broke down crying, when I lost hope and when I thought, "is this really good-bye? Like this?" 

At his lowest he lost all control over his legs, was peeing on himself, was not eating, couldn't open his eyes property because they were so bloodshot and tried to bite us when we tried to move him, probably because he was in pain. He walked into the vet's office for the first time to treat whatever was ailing him this past Saturday and a few days later we found ourselves carrying him in on a big ole blanket

Yangkyu and I haven't been eating well because whenever we tried to have a meal it just didn't sit well with us. I haven't even found time to shower until yesterday because whenever I wasn't caring for Piri, I was making sure our DogVacay guest Max was cared for and loved. I never missed a play session with him and Yangkyu has been diligent in giving him his epic massages. Yesterday while we were all out and about I bought him a little toy from Target. An extra thanks for being so sweet. 

Our kitchen looked like it went through some disaster. Because Piri wasn't eating I was cooking up all sorts of things to entice him, to get his appetite back, but in the end I only ended up with food not eaten and a butt load of dirty dishes and pots and pans. And at the end of a long day after not sleeping and eating so well, feeling groggy because I also couldn't shower, worrying to death and being perky and cheerful for our guest, the dirty dishes just looked like an excruciating chore to even get in the dishwasher. Not to mention unloading the dishwasher. That was just as painful to do.

And I don't even have the breath to mention the amount of laundry I've been doing. 

But these are just all frivolous complaints. 

Things look brighter and I feel lighter. 

Yangkyu has been working from home and putting in extra hours and helping me with everything. His birthday is in two days and while I already forced him to open his present {because I couldn't wait.. I know.. it's not even my birthday and I wasn't the one opening presents..} I am still planning on doing a little something special because man I think he deserves it. He doesn't expect it and I think he thinks we'll just go on with the day like any other day but even if it means I can only put up sorry looking streamers, I'll be put up those sorry looking streamers :) 

Finally, I can't believe all the wonderful people who were rooting for Piri from the blog, Facebook and Instagram. Beautiful people! I've cried and laughed and felt positive. I guess that is the power of words. 

Thank you for making us feel like we can flex our muscles again. 

I have so much catching up to do but will soon.

Here's to our little old man, Piri, and his road to recovery.

I told you he was our comeback kid. Always has. And always will.

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