July 21, 2015

A Girl and Her Dog: Susanna + Frank

Hello and welcome to July's edition of A Girl and Her Dog. We have a franktastic duo to introduce today - a girl named Susanna and her slinky dachshund named Frank. They are originally from New Jersey (me too! high five!) but currently reside in the Frankfurt area. Frank in Frankfurt! Don't you love it?

From the looks of their pictures on Instagram it looks like Frank has settled quite nicely in his country of origin {dachshunds are originally from Germany} and also well on his way to getting his gold travel badge -- see him at Cologne, Heidelberg, Brussels and Paris below. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out with a playbook for all dogs who want to travel with their humans. 

Susanna and Frank are one of the happiest and funniest pairs I see on Instagram and I think a lot has to do with Frank's doe eyes, his long velvety wiener body and snout and short stumpy legs. All that is jammed packed with lots of spunk and character. And ever since he came into Susanna's life they have certainly formed a wonderful bond filled with love, laughter and fun routines that involve a squid {read on to find out more!}. 

Here is all about Susanna and Frank. 

The Girl: Susanna 
The Dog: Frank but his full name is Franklin. Only really used when he is in trouble. He is a miniature dachshund. 
Susanna's favorite snack: Ice cream! 
Frank's favorite ice cream: Fruits and veggies. 
From: Originally from Hoboken, NJ but just recently moved to the Frankfurt, Germany area a few months ago 
Find them on Instagram: @frank_the_wiener 
Also on their blog: Frank the Wiener

From as long as I could remember, I have ALWAYS wanted a wiener dog. I always thought they were so funny looking and spunky. After 26 years, I finally got one as an early Christmas present from my husband. He has been the best gift I've ever received. It's really funny how I just look at him and feel so much love. My husband and I always joke that we both equally love Frank more than we love each other. That's probably 90% true.

Frank is the most interesting dog I have ever met. He has SO much personality and sass. He can be very sensitive and an emotional mess. If he is mad at you, you are most certainly going to know it. The first time I ever yelled at him when he was a puppy, he hid under the bed for hours until my husband came home. Another weekend, I had worked 37 hours and he let me know he was mad at me by leaving me a nice smelly present right next to my work bag. He has NEVER done that before. He also has some really funny characteristics. For example, whenever we come home, he ALWAYS has to greet us and then show us something. He'll usually grab his current favorite toy or a bone and continually squeal with excitement with the object in his mouth for a while. He will do the same exact thing every morning when we wake up and get him out of the crate. Before going to bed, he always has to get his squid and bring it to bed. If I say "Let's go to bed. Go get squidy!", he will run to get his squid and then sprint all the way back to bed. Everyone always jokes at how human-like he is. 

When I found out that we would be relocating to Germany for my husband's job, I was not nervous for myself one bit. The biggest anxiety that I had was Frank flying on the plane. He can be quite a whiney baby so I could only imagine how upset he would get being trapped in his little bag on the floor for 8 hours. Somehow all of our lucky stars must have aligned and he slept the entire flight. I truly believe that Frank is LOVING it here in Germany. There are SO many beautiful parks that he just loves to run around at. Germany is so dog friendly that he goes out with us everywhere. He has become so well behaved at restaurants now. I bought a mat and trained him to lay on there whenever we were out and it's been great. Frank also has an apartment more than doubled the size that he is used to PLUS an awesome balcony where he soaks up the sun all day. He has also become quite the pro at traveling. So far we have been to Frankfurt, Cologne, Heidelberg, Paris and Brussels. We have many more trips planned for the future!

I would have never in a million years guessed where Frank's Instagram would have taken us. When I made his account three years ago, it was only because I didn't want to annoy my friends on my Instagram with all of his pictures. We have gotten so many great gifts and opportunities that we would have never been able to encounter otherwise. The Instagram community is truly remarkable. When one dog is in need, everyone always joins together and helps. Our friends and family always tease us about Frank's "Insta-fame" but we wouldn't have it otherwise because without it, we wouldn't have met so many amazing people! 

Thank you Susanna and Frank!
You can see more of the life they share on Instagram and on their blog.

Photos via Susanna.

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