July 15, 2015

Letters to Piri // 06

Dear Piri, 

So... I took this Me vs. Breed test thing on the American Kennel Association website and, you know, naturally I chose the cocker spaniel. I just had to laugh at the results. Get this -- it says that you're basically easier to train than me. And you're more playful, social and cleaner. Ha! Ha? Hm. 

Ok, moving on.

I thought you hated lamb. You wouldn't touch it or go near it or eat any other food that was touching the ground lamb. I actually Googled {but trust me, there have been weirder things I have Googled when it comes to you and your odd behaviors} if some dogs actually didn't like the smell of lamb and you know what? I read stories of dogs being scared while the lamb was being cooked! Have you heard of this? 

Anyway, all this time I thought you hated lamb and then yesterday you peek into the kitchen multiple times and when I gave you some and you ate it! Ate it like it was your favorite thing in the world! 

You're confusing. 

But that's ok. 

We've been thinking about going on a road trip. I know, we've been thinking about this for the past five years. But come fall maybe we can do a trip to Florida or if we decide to get really ambitious, maybe San Francisco? I know.. it's kind of crazy... Yeah.. we'll probably just stick to neighboring states probably. 

I know we can't have favorites among our DogVacay guest but do you have a favorite? It's ok. You can tell me. I won't tell anyone. 

Were you going to say Murray? Cos I thought I heard a "Muurr"

Ok, ok. You don't have a favorite. They are all your favorites. Me too. They are all really swell aren't they.

Hey, why were you cracking up by yourself? What was so funny? 

Did you know that your name.. not your name name but your breed name comes from the woodcock? You know, the bird. You guys used to hunt them and hence the name, cocker spaniel. Ring a bell? No? Ok. 

For a hunting dog you literally show zero interest in squirrels, birds and bunnies. Just saying. 

But that's good. They are our friends, even if they like drop poop bombs on our deck, throw away their trash in our yard {those nutty squirrels} and nibble at our vegetables.

I have a confession. I have been stuffing the VetriScience supplement you hate inside things like sweet potatoes, peanut butter and pill pockets. I think sometimes you can sniff it out because you just don't eat it or spit it back out but other times you eat it without really knowing. Like yesterday - just chewed right through it with the sweet potato. 

I got you pretty good. 

Lately I've been noticing how you don't want to be the first one out the door to get inside the car. I'm afraid that you are now associating these car rides with going to the vet's office to get your Sub-Q fluids. Do you not like getting them? I get it if you don't. Does it hurt when you get pricked? Of course it must hurt. Do they prick you in the same spot? I'm so sorry. I can't imagine one day if you start needing them on a daily basis. I feel like right now, getting them 2-3 times a week is a lot. 

You know, I get really worried wondering if my home cooked meals are enough or too much for your kidneys. All this trying to understand and measuring nutritional values is really confusing and it scares me sometimes because I don't know if what I'm doing may be more harmful to you or not. But when I see you now struggling from time to time to eat your K/D prescription food I feel terrible. I feel terrible for giving it to you in the first place. But I go back and forth from trusting the prescription food to not trusting it. And then I cry and wish I had given you more tasty things to eat when you were healthy. 

I hate kidney disease, Piri. I really do. But hey, you're doing really great. Thanks for always coming back around. Come back kid, right? 


The girl who knows that your favorite guest friend is Murray, who won't tell Yangkyu that you fell asleep on top of his freshly washed clothes and who is, all throughout writing this post, trying to figure out the best way to get you inside the bathtub later without you getting all grumpy. 

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