July 1, 2015

Mosaic District Farm Market

By Saturday all our DogVacay guests had left and I was itching to get out and actually be in crowds and crowds of people. It had been about 2.5 weeks of Piri's Place being completely booked and we were in the company of some wonderful dogs whose personalities encompassed everything from adorable to playful. I can go for weeks being alone and having minimal contact with people outside but the weather was beautiful and Piri was feeling a whole lot better and so it called for us to pack up our little hatchback and drive about 20 minutes to Merrifield to check out the Mosaic District Farm Market the following day on Sunday.

We met up with our friends, picked up the most delicious cantaloupe {so juicy!}, cherries, tomatoes, corn, berry pie and lemon and rosemary bread and had lunch outdoors where I went completely nuts for their oysters.

Piri was comfortable inside his red stroller and all the little kids and toddlers were so fascinated to see a dog inside what they would normally ride in. Every other comment was "Look ma! There is a dog in the stroller." We passed by one enthusiastic kid all too quickly and I don't think his mom believed him. Poor kid!

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