July 17, 2015

Summer beets + the weekend

A couple of days ago I pulled out two beets from our vegetable garden. The tops of them were protruding out from the soil for several days now, and while I still didn't know if they were ready to be harvested I gave them a tug anyway because curiosity always gets the better of me. 

Aren't they pretty? They were tasty too. I boiled them with a little bit of vinegar and added them to our salad. We have a few more growing out in the back and I can't wait until they get to be a good size.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We had a few days off at Piri's Place {except yesterday when we took in a last minute daycare request} and starting Saturday we have guests coming again. So today it's all about cleaning our house top and bottom and the rest of the weekend will be lots of doggy time, maybe trying out a new recipe and working on a new photo board. 

Have a good one! 

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