August 31, 2015

August Project Color: Gray

Squeezing this month's color in at the last minute! I thought it would be fun to explore the achromatic color gray. I actually had high hopes for this color as I realized it is one of my favorites {especially for sweaters}, but with this month being a bit crazy with renovations I didn't have enough time to explore it the way I had wanted to. I had wanted to find things outside but once again I looked inwards - inside our home - to find this color. 

And thank you again Fee for joining in! 

 // Burntfeather // 

September will be all about the color black. 

If you'd like to join in, email me one photo at windingridgelane [at] gmail [dot] com that depicts the color black by Friday, September 18. Please send the picture as a cropped square image, otherwise I will crop at my own discretion. Photos should not be smaller than 900x900 px. Along with your picture, please include your name and blog name and url {if applicable}. If you are on Instagram, post your picture using #WRLprojectcolor and I will try and include it in the blog round ups.

 // April Project Color: Green

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