August 28, 2015

Happy Friday + new camera

So I did this crazy thing. We have a butt load of things to pay off after we got new flooring and I decided to add on to our now mega "pay off" list by getting the Fujifilm x100t. I have talked about this camera for months now and while my heart was trembling {actually it still is} when I actually bought it, I am elated to add this to my growing collection of cameras. 

I haven't had time to take it around and hope to do so this weekend. We have plans to go to a dog friendly winery that our friends have frequented on numerous occasions. We're looking forward to it! I am also catching up with emails, DogVacay requests and lots of other things -- I think my body is still trying to recover from all the painting, moving and cleaning so it's taking me a little while to get back into the swing of things. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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