August 20, 2015

Hey! Another celebration! Piri's Place turns 1!

A year ago today, our very first DogVacay pup came to stay with us! Her name was Sadie, a corgi, boxer puppy mix! I beg she has grown so much since the last time we saw her.

Yangkyu and I can't believe an entire year has passed. This whole experience has been such a great one and we have been truly blessed to meet such wonderful dogs and their humans. We are always floored when people tell us how they lucky are to have found us and how thankful they are, but really, we feel the same way. Their kindness and generosity really has touched us and moved us, and has made us want to do an even better job of taking care of their pups while they are away. 

Thanks for your awesomeness! Here's to many more years of pups and their shenanigans at Piri's Place

And finally, thank you Piri for being such a great resident pup and CEO and boss of all things around here! You are our golden star! 

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