August 6, 2015

My very first blogger block and other wonks and happenings in my life

For the past two days I've been sitting in front of my computer trying to write something for the blog and I have absolutely nothing to post. It's a first. And it's weird. 

Up until now I always had something I wanted to say. Whether it was informative, silly, filler or what not, I posted once, even three times a day on some days, and even during some weekends. But lately, it feels like I'm dragging my feet and I can't even think of a good filler topic/photo to pass the day. 

As more guest dogs stay with me, it means I am taking pictures of them all the time - usually high quality photos with my digital SLR and I spend time after dinner uploading, editing, resizing, saving and writing a full summary of their day to their owners. This takes a lot of time and energy. A lot. And it probably takes more time because my iMac is performing slower and slower as the years go on. It drives me nuts sometimes. Ok. It drives me nuts all the time. And after doing this day after day, week after week, sometimes I just don't want to take pictures anymore. 

What makes it harder is that I am still learning to take less photos. It's a real struggle for me because I am always afraid that if I only take one photo of a moment it'll be one that is full of mistakes. I am actually not one to preview my photos and zoom in to make sure that the photo is sharp and crisp. I know, it's a weird habit of mine. And I always pay for it because what looks like a completely focused picture in the preview pane is totally not when I open it up in Photoshop. 

I've been also complaining. I normally shoot with my Canon7D and my 24-70mm lens. It's heavy. And I can't stand it. But I stick with it. Everyone also says so many good things about the 50mm lens but I have a love hate relationship with it and I just can't seem to shoot with it inside my home. I always feel like I am missing a very good moment of the dogs because I am stuck with a fixed lens and by the time I reposition myself, the moment has already passed. So I've been moping around and longing for the Fujifilm x100t again. It's such an expensive camera and my Canon and both my lens have cost me an arm and a leg and so investing in the x100t isn't so easy. But I do sometimes wish I had a lightweight, quality performing camera. 

But will it really make things easier? I wonder. Maybe. Maybe not. 

My routine has also been also all sorts of off these past few days. Actually we found seed ticks in our house over the weekend on Sunday. It absolutely horrified me. I noticed that there were tiny blood stains all over entryway tiles. I thought one of the dogs had cut their paw but when I went to wipe the blood away I noticed tiny seeds on the paper towel. When Yangkyu was working out in the living room he noticed some on the carpet. Upon closer inspection they were ticks. After looking it up on the Internet we realized they were seed ticks. The blood was because either the dogs or we were stepping on them and popping them. As I said before, it was horrifying.

I spent what was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday cleaning like a mad woman. I mean vacuuming, wiping, dusting and washing everything - sofa and cushion covers, dog toys, bed, blankets, our bedding, towels, leashes and collars, you name it. I wasn't done until 2 am and I was completely wiped out. The very next day we had pest control folks come by and treat our house and yard and us and our DogVacay guest spent time outdoors while everything dried. 

We checked in with all the guests that stayed during that weekend and found that all dogs were on some sort of preventative measure, as have Piri so it perplexed us. We have never had this problem before. 

Thankfully we haven't seen any ticks since and all the dogs coming until mid-August are also on some sort of flea and tick preventative. I am hoping and praying that those buggers will keep out far away from our home and yard.

On another more invigorating note, I have actually kicked up my exercise and dieting routine up a notch. Well I actually wasn't on a diet but decided to do it a little less than two weeks ago. I always seem to hit a certain weight/image and start to really hate the way I look and then finally get my butt in high gear to do something about it. That's always been the challenge for me -- taking that first step. I mentioned in "My Routine" blog post that I exercised an hour on the iMotion step machine. I am now on it for 2 hours which burns about 600 calories for me {I purchased a heart monitor to measure} and I have done this 6 days out of the week. I am also eating small amounts throughout the day. I don't eat take out food, fried food, sugary foods, etc. I'm eating a lot of fish and vegetables and fruits, yogurt, whole wheat bread and drinking tremendous amounts of water and green tea. I also eat sweet potatoes and broccoli and kale chips as snacks. I do cheat from time to time but that's in small amounts, and just during the a day in the weekend {I mean it was Pocky. Strawberry flavor.}.

Since starting to exercise for 2 hours and dieting last Monday, I have lost 4 pounds and I feel good. My legs feel sore but they are the good kinds of sore and stretching makes everything feel good in a weird sort of way.

Now today, I am hoping to move past my current camera and photography woes, tick troubles and ride out my exercise and dieting high and get back into my usual groove and find things to photograph, write and make. 

What's going on lately in your neck of the woods? 

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